Thursday, November 09, 2006

Corduroy: Yay or Nay?

If i hadn't just almost emptied my entire bank account with the purchase of a fabulous red ultrasuede ass accessory (read: couch), I would very much consider attending the upcoming meeting of the Corduroy Appreciation Club. There's going to be secret rituals, and speeches, and awards! It's being held on 11/11, the date that "most closely resembles corduroy." This is almost too funny for words, and yet here I am. Making words about it.

The unfortunate thing is, not only do I hold no particular love for corduroy (it strikes me as a bit too collegiate, not to mention audible), but the tickets require that attendees don at least two corduroy items. What? Who has that? Most people who own corduroy have corduroy pants. Maybe a couple pairs. What are you gonna do, wear two pairs of pants?? I suppose if you're all earthy crunchy Brooklyn girl, you might have a hat, or perhaps a jacket. Probably with Performance Fleece inside. Or perhaps a blazer. God help you if you wear a corduroy blazer and corduroy pants, though I guess that is the most likely combo, considering. Anyway, I would go and document the craziness, but unfortunately I gave away my last and only pair of corduroy pants (which were by Calvin Klein and purple and stretchy and comfy and lovely, I must admit), plus the aforementioned financial ughs.

Here are some things you could pick up if you really wanted to attend:

Gap trenchcoat, $69.99. I like trenchcoats.

These American Eagle pants look kinda cool. Though possibly just because they're gray. $44.50.

Target moto jacket, $24.99. Pretty cute style, not sure about the color.

Aha! Here's what I was talking about! The dreaded newsboy cap! Target, $9.99.

Now this would be cute. If only it weren't for children!! Jaffy by Oink Baby skirt, $40.

Luckily the site also has adult-sized items. With snails and owls! Wooh! I mean hooooo! Random Nicole skirt with snail and owl appliques, $118.

Holy crap, Dolce & Gabbana seem to have cornered the market on fugly corduroy! Check this out::

Purple paisley pants, buy it now for $59.99. Yeah, don't.

For ten times the price of that one, you can look like the same kind of wackadoo. $595 for this blazer.

If you're struggling to come up with the two-item minimum required for attendance at the corduroy event, perhaps dress your dog? Though even this pooch seems a bit upset with his dress.... Tank top and corduroy skirt, $19.99.

The Corduroy Appreciation Club meets this Saturday in cord-friendly Park Slope. I am sure it's going to be a WALE of a time...bwaaaaaahahaha! (Sorry....)

But seriously (folks), what does everyone think of corduroy? Acceptable attire for fashionable folk, or don't go there? Comment away!


ambika said...

Holy crap, who knew there was so much cordouroy out there. I'm kind of digging that target jacket, even if the puff sleeves remind me of a coat I had when I was 4.

Those purple paisley pants, however, are totally going to give me nightmares.

ms. spinach said...

I can take corduroy in small, well-designed doses... like those pants from AE. But that is all.

A whole roomful of people each wearing two pieces of corduroy gives ME nightmares.

marinamode said...

I love this blog !!!
Take a look to my shoes...
Marina (from France)

Anonymous said...

You summed it up with "collegiate and audible". :-)

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