Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cuteness Roundup: Four Cute Things of the Day

Three of them cheap, one of them not.

1.) This adorable Fred Flare dress:
(Just $40!)
Again, sorry my more graciously endowed sisters: this one ain't for you. But it is cute, cheap and looks incredibly soft. Bonus: Fred Flare sends cute little extras with your order! (I swear I don't work for them. I just love cute little extras.)

2.) Another adorable Fred Flare dress, this one plaid:
At first I was skeptical, but check it out with pants. It's way less cutesy (and thus more tolerable):

3.) Seriously cute nautical hoodie:

($49.99, Chica Boom, ModCloth)
Again, slightly My Chemical Romance (am I sensing my own theme here?), but I'm all in favor of cute hoodies that don't look totally shlumpy and can therefore be worn with heels to work. (Well, with heels and PANTS to work).

4.) Swoon-worthy Faryl Robin cut-out pumps:

($159, Polkadotsandmoonbeams)
Love the shoes but not the price. They're not available until February 2007 or so, which is good because that gives me three months to justify spending nearly two Benjamins on shoes. Weee!


jameshkoler said...

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Tamron Lohan said...

in ENGLISH, my spammy friend?

Jessica said...

I love the first dress. i have never ordered from Fred Flare, but I might have to make an exception this time.

Thanks for the insight!

ambika said...

That sweatshirt is too die for. I hate blazers so tend to wear variations of sweatshirts (& sometimes cardigans) to work. That's fun & not too casual looking.

VDOprincess said...

The first dress! Is so cute! And those shoes make me want to lala...


Anonymous said...

Hello. I have put you in my links. Please tell me if you do the same.
Marina (from France)

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