Friday, November 17, 2006

Wanted: Rain Boots

I'd like to say this post was created to fill the needs of my partner Tamron, who recently noted that she'd like some new rain boots. Alas, this post is for me. And you. And I guess her. As long as she doesn't buy my No. 1 pick. What I'm looking for, specifically, is rain boots that I can splash through puddles with when it's wet, and that are lined with some sort of fleece so my tootsies can stay warm as the weather gets colder and colder. So what I want, basically, is a boot that doubles as a rain boot and a snow boot. And praise the lord! I think I've finally found it, here:

J. Crew sherpa-lined wellies, $78. So bright and cute! How can you go wrong with penguin-adorned boots? I submit that you cannot. I do have a birthday coming up, you know. Just sayin'.

Some other options, excluding the crazy prints, which I feel are a bit played:

Tretorn wellies in olive green, $78.95. I'm partial lately to the matte look for wellies. Lined in fleece (yay!) and also available in navy, plus...

In shorter sizes! I love a splash of color on a rainy day, and these shorter Tretorn orange wellies (still fur-lined) fit the bill. On sale for $51 at Delia's.

Cougar Trixy boot, $55.95. Subtly cool, methinks. Not lined though. And perhaps a bit too sporty on the bottoms. Also available in navy and brown.

If you want to be a little bit ridiculous, these bright yellow wedge rain boots are the ticket. $63.95. I definitely dig these but you probably wouldn't be able to tuck any but your tightest, skinniest jeans into 'em.

Tamara Henriques toile boots, $118. Well that's a bit steep for rain boots, but these are pretty classy for print boots (by the way, Coach has a pretty ugly entry in that category).

Evercreatures matte purple wellies, 29 pounds. I'd pay overseas shipping for these cuties.

How funny would it be if you got thigh-high waders?? Honestly, I think they'd be useful when you're slogging up the street in a rainstorm. And hilarious.

Finally, love these pics of wellies at a festival in England.....

Happy splashing!


Anonymous said...

Alas- JCrew wellies sold out! At least online. I never seem to find the cute things before everyone else! Thanks for the tip. Love the rain boots!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Take a look on my shoes
Marina (from France)

laura said...

i have those Tretorns. i think i bought them a size too big, they run kinda large, but they are good for heavy rain. i do wear shorter Santana Canada boots during most of the winter months because they are warm (fleece lined), light, and waterproof as well, but suede, not rubber, so your feet can sorta breathe.

chezlover said...

I love this boot collection - I found a huge number more than this at which has the net's largest collection of shoes browseable by image.

Candice's Closet said...

Rain boots ARE all the craze and I think these at Candice's Closet are sooooo cute! They are leopard print. Check 'em out!

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