Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Hundred Bucks and Under (Give or Take Five Bucks)

I don't know about you, but I've been VERY frugal lately when it comes to shopping. Thus, the monkey contents himself with online window shopping. Luckily, everything in the world is on sale these days. A look at some of my recent finds:

A friend recently surprised me by telling me her cool black boots were from Naturalizer. Of course I went a-lookin', and I found these quite cool double-strap black leather boots for $99.50. I haven't bought a new pair of black boots in a couple years. Should I?

UPDATE: Just a day later, and they've been further marked down to $79.99. I am SO getting these!

Naturalizer also has these black velvet peep-toe shoes with white piping, $49.99.

And I am really digging these purple patent-leather pointy-toed lovelies, $59.99. One inch heel. I dunno, patent leather just seems so tremendously dressy, I don't know if I'd get a whole lot of use out of these. And yet: so sharp!

i have a dress that I've been waiting for the perfect turtleneck to wear with, so the dress can be winterized. I may have found it in this American Eagle "Slub" turtleneck for $11.95. Uh, anyone know what a slub is?

Back to shoes. I went through 27 pages, with the item count maxed out, at Piperlime. Sometimes I go a little overboard. The results:

The previously coveted Dr. Scholl's Illusion boot is now on sale for $104.99.

I need some pretty-colored shoes. Stat. Fornarina Elle pumps, $94.99.

Ooooh! Nicely funky, 2-inch heel, peep toe. These are fab! Bronx Rita pump, $44.99.

The previously mentioned Dr. Martens Chloe slouch boot is marked down to $69.99. Time to purchase? Please advise.

And the fun Keds skimmers are now $20! Fox and raccoon, both lined in fleecy stuff.

I'm also really loving the look of these Gap suede wedges, $29.99. But I think I may have tried them on a long time ago (is that possible?) and they looked weird. But. I still want 'em. I want everything.

You know when you're over at your boyfriend's and you discover that you have nothing to wear to bed and you have a choice between a) humongous sweatpants, b) humongous boxers, and c) humongous running tights? (Yes, I know! Running tights! Tee!) Well, I know. And I have decided I need to lay in some sleepwear. Such as this printed silk slip, $19.99.

Underneath? Not lacy thong but cute Paul Frank panties, $14.95 for a set of three. Was this TMI?

Also: Paul Frank "I like NY" tee, $13.95.

I'm thinking this might be my Santacon costume next year. Just add bunny slippers! Santa's Village flannel pajamas, $29.95.

Sugar snow boot, $72.95. I know, I know. I'm not supposed to like these. But it has a wedge heel! And is perfect for the next snowstorm! Uh, if it ever snows again...

The Steve Madden version comes in cheerful red, $89.95.

Just in case your new winter hat (hand-knitted lovingly by Mom) has been called a "Blossom hat," thus rendering it unwearable, along comes this cute black beanie, $8.95.

This has the potential to be wildly unflattering, but i think it looks cool. With a fitted top? Anyone? Bueller? Ralph Lauren Blue Label denim skirt, $69. Cindy says it's too Western. Frankly I'd have no idea what to wear with it. Any ideas?

Perhaps more wearable is this herringbone pencil skirt. Professional-like. If you like that sort of thing.

Then there is this pretty pretty print dress, which comes in many colors but looks best, in my opinion, in black (or blue?) and white with a slash of orange at the waist. $34.99.

I do so love finding long-sleeved winter dresses. Such as this sweater dress, $34.99.

And thus the end of my laundry list. But before I is one thing I will not be spending my money on:

Irregular Choice striped boots. $119.99 saved!


Anonymous said...

Out of all the choices, in my opinion the most warranted "break my budget" shoes would be those Naturalizer double-strap boots. YUM! That much style for so little money!

The velvet, patent leathers, and snow boots are "every once and a while" shoes while you could live in those boots only. (I could) Under pants or with dresses, they'd work either way. I say go for it, they will make every outfit just a bit cooler. Think of the attitude you can throw around.

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Perhaps one of the most sensible comments ever posted on Fashion Binge. Thank you Ms. Spacey! You've got me convinced...almost. I'm still wondering about the Doc Marten boots. Cool but with the added bonus of being flat, and thus more comfy. A bit risky though. Other readers chime in!

ambika said...

Wow, the Naturalizer and Dr. Scholl boots are amazing. And I can't believe I just typed that sentence. And having just accidentally bought a pair of patent leather ballet flats (I couldn't tell they were patent when looking at them online), I have to say they're not nearly as dressy as I thought.

J Seacrest said...

My lady friend just got a pair of these babies for 25 bones. They're nice, warm, and she said they're comfortable as well.

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