Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Winter Coats On Sale! (Now Where the Hell is Winter??)

Okay, it's still far from freezing (damn you, global warming!), but I am certain that cold weather will come to New York eventually. This walking around sweating in winter coats is not cool. It's unnatural! Where is winter? Where is snow? I am dying to wear my hot pink Sean Puffy Coat from Triple Five Soul. But I figure somewhere out there, Fashion Bingers are cold and in need of warm coats. And so, let the service bloggerism commence!

I was reminded of my beloved puffer by a similarly (ridiculously) bright Ecko-brand one worn by a girl on the subway recently. I looked but could only find this not-so-basic black coat. Dig the quilting pattern around the pockets. On sale for $88.99, but no down at all. Booo, polyester! And pretty dumb that the Ecko online shop is "coming soon" and all you get is some "community" site. Poor showing.

Did you know that the term "pink puffer" refers to emphysema patients? Thank you, Google. This will keep you warm when you're out reducing your lifespan. Lole Katie's Down Parka, on sale for $164.95. Not particularly cute. It makes me pretty happy that I can't find any awesome hot pink puffy coats out there on the Internets.

The thing most people object to with long puffy coats is the Michelin Man efffect. Avoid it with this belted version from Laundry by Shelli Segal. On sale for $119.99, but only available in black and extra large. Ahem.

Here's another belted version from North Face, a bit more trenchcoat-y. Also a touch more expensive, at $800. But hey, it comes in plum! And of course, it's probably fit for ice fishing in Alaska or some shit.

Some good shaping is also evident in this Spiewak puffer, available for $165 from Urban. It has a bit of an avant-garde space-warrior thing going on, methinks. Me likey.

Whilst last-minute Christmas shopping (racing around 34th street like a chicken with its head cut off), I decided to indulge myself and see if the Gap had any awesome deals going on, and indeed they did. I picked up this semishiny black bomber jacket with cool royal blue accents for a scant $25. It's 70 smackers online, though, so get thee to the store if you want it. It's really warm, too. Also available (online) in off white and silver.

Ubiquitous around these parts, the Snug Down coat from Brooklyn Industries is a good solid option. Has an inner iPod pocket, thumbholes, and a feminine shape. I find the colors a little dull, though. Also, would it kill the model to run a comb through her hair? And maybe a little blush? Yeeesh. Exactly what demo is BK Industries going for here? On sale for $160.

I may not have been able to find my two-year-old Triple Five Soul hot pink coat, but this Fuel Parka is making me think I need to return to the store and give them more of my money (specifically, $186 more). This is really more of a parka than a puffer, but I love it!

This olive puffer from Perry Ellis looks like it has a bit more of a relaxed fit. Pretty cute on the right person, I'd say (not so much the model). On big sale for $91.99.

And this Calvin Klein Jeans shawl-collar puffer has one of the more interesting shapes, with asymmetrical buttons. I do wonder if the wind would manage to sneak its way in there. Zippers seem more reliable, no? On sale for $125.99.

I do love the pillow collar, see. Looks so cozy. Via Spiga coat, on sale for $126.99.

And what would a Fashion Binge be without a truly vomitous entry? The obligatory morts:

Floral down jacket, an abomination at $299.95.


Black Barbie Gives You This Stress Test said...
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Tamron Lohan said...

that floral jacket is an abomination at any price.

ambika said...

I like that CK puffer best--if only for the asymmetrical cut, which gets me every time. I bet it zips on the inside--and I won't let anyone tell me differently.

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