Thursday, February 01, 2007

Le Tigre Hearts Indie Rock

I have some breaking news, folks: Le Tigre (the clothier, not the electropop band) is trying to move beyond its preppy roots. The evidence: The homepage features a free download of a track from the new Clap Your Hands Say Yeah album. The main image on the men's shop is of an shaggy-haired hipster type with beard scruff ironically holding a tiny sandwich and ringing a bell for the butler (apparently his teacup needs refilling); his female counterpart is a dead ringer for a young Kim Gordon. The male model in a promo shot sports a forearm tattoo; one of the shirts is actually called the "Indie Plaid Shirt." Tapes 'n' Tapes played a launch party of some sort.

What's going on here, besides pure funnin'? I asked Ali from Le Tigre, and she explained that the Le Tigre folks are just very indie-centric and see tie-ins with indie bands as a good marketing tool. With the mainstreaming of indie music, I'd say they've got some smarties on their team. Obviously I'm a target market, being a dyed-in-the-wool indie fan (and also a fan of bright colors and prints), but this sort of thing warms my heart. She also told me that in addition to the aforementioned bands, the following groups also wear Le Tigre: The Shins, the Thermals, Cold War Kids, Takka Takka, and many other well-scrubbed Pitchfork faves.

So what are the cool kids wearing? Who knows...probably polos mostly. But this is what I'd wear if Le Tigre were outfitting me:

I'd start out with one of their cute hoodies. It seems like you could get something as cute as this in Forever 21 that wasn't $78, but the polka dots, especially, are just so cute. Hearts a solid runner-up.

This Sweetheart halter dress, $88, is perfect for a summer day. Provided you have a good bra, I suppose. Or lesser boobies.

Now, Le Tigre is known for its polos. Classic, some say. Personally, when I hear "classic," I think "boring." Not so much a fan of the classic. But happily, this is hardly classic. It might be the cutest polo I've ever seen. Polkadot polo in cafe, $52.

This stripey sweater may not look like much, but I've seen it in person, and it's supercute. Paired with a print blouse, knee skirt, and boots, you'd be just effortlessly stylish. $78.

Rugby Crew Dress, $48.

For the fellas, I recommend the hexagonal track jacket, $84. In red and brown. No question.

And this fresh update on the Earth Stripe argyle sweater, on sale for $39.59.

Finally, Le Tigre will be participating in a Mardi Gras party at awesome Brooklyn rock club/bocce court/library bar Union Hall on February 20, where they'll be selling special limited edition polos. Proceeds will benefit musicians of New Orleans and Habitat for Humanity. There will be DJs, bands, comedians, and a burlesque performance by the world-famous Pontani Sisters. I'm very interested to see what these limited-edition polos look like, and will post images once I get them, so check back.

Toodles, my little tigers!


ambika said...

I love everything you've chosen, especially that green hoodie.

And given the mainstream aspect of the hipster trend these days, I wouldn't be surprised if J.Crew suddenly started featuring knee socks and wristbands on their site.

dusk&summer said...

great picks!! that green hoodie is my favorite too.

JP said...

Those hoodies are excellent!!

miff said...

I love your blog, come and tell me what to wear today!

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