Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We Ain't. Goin' Nowhere...

It's FB for life!

I knooooooooooooooowwww. We've been less than punctual with the blogging. MK was gallivanting about in Tejas and Mejico, and I've been busy as a wee bee making jewelry, but you should know by now that when it rains it pours 'round here in 'Bingeville.

We're cooking up some hardest-of-the-hardcore posts, but for now, enjoy this ADORBSly cheesy yet presh coin purse.

($32, Cajo, Winknyc.com)

OOooh speaking of shoes...
I wanted to update you on the end result of my spring shoe-buying binge, which you MOMN (may or may not) remember from late January.

First of all, it was with crossed fingers (not literally, duhzors) that I ordered two pairs of open-toed wedges from the lamely named "Cutesy Shoes."
BUT... they did NOT disappoint. True to their name, they are INDEED cute!

And the $15 price point is unbeatable. I will warn you, however, I had to return these for a half size smaller.

Next... the brown Dr. Scholls from Overstock are way cuter in real life. They're a little steep, which is surprising for Dr. Scholl's, but whateves.

Highly recommended (though ultimately not for spring.)

Oh, and here's a MAJE bummer: the very vintage brown wedges I bought on ebay suffered a major misstep (har).

I was felt SOOO swingy and excited when I stepped off the subway wearing these fun shoes. Very Mary Tyler Moore, you know? I wanted to wear a hat and toss it up in the air. That feeling stayed with me ALL day UNTIL... later in the afternoon... the soles came off BOTH fucking shoes! WTF?? They were never worn, so I guess the mishap was a function of their age and my overzealous, excited wearing of them. I'll get them fixed, but still. I call bullshit.

Lastly, these black shoes from Wink NYC:

These puppies ended up being more casual IRL than I anticipated. Oh well. They'll do nicely to upgrade an outfit in lieu of Chucks, nomesayin'??

And for REALSIES lastly:
Wink NYC is having a warehouse sale.


1 comment:

ambika said...

I *always* get compliments on the red satin heels I got from Cutesy Shoes--and for 24 bucks (that includes shipping), I can't complain.

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