Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Fun-day Dresses

These dresses have absolutely nothing to do with Monday. I just wanted to make a cutesy rhyme.

So I went to the Soho Bloomingdale's this past weekend. I drooled over and nearly onto this Bellette dress:

($465, Diane von Furstenberg, Bloomingdale's)
... Except the cream dream version I saw was school bus yellow with magenta underneath. And I cannot find it ANYWHERE online. Not that I could justify buying it, but I do like to Windows shop. (Get it!? Hee!)

I did find these two DVF beauties on eBay though:

(Currently $39, DVF, eBay)
Vintage. Gorg.

(Currently $69, DVF, eBay)
Love this. Also, this chick looks like an Olsen twin after like three grapes.

($235, Alfie, Hayden-Hartnett)
This dress is gorgeous and could be easily mistaken for Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi or Gucci, IMHO.

($245, Nicholas K)
Refinery 29 and Nicholas K have me shedding tears of joy over The Ryan dress. It looks so comfy, and the accessorizing options are absolutely limitless! WANT WANT WANT WANT! NOW NOW NOW NOW! (waaah!)

($80, Chrissa,
I know it's not a dress, but it's MY blog so piss off! I so heart this fun mustard color. It'd work perfectly in any season. Don't agree? Well TOO BAD! IT'S MY BLOG! Jk. Loveyoumeanitpease!

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ThisNext said...

Those are some great dresses!

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