Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No, No, No: A World of No


($98, Jeffrey Campbell, Urban)
Urban Outfitters, WHY? Why why why? There's just no excuse for this kind of nonsense. You know, I work hard all day. I get a LOT of emails. I don't need YOU clogging up my inbox with this kind of fashion crime.

($39, Alloy.com)
A crime against good taste. This kind of thing could be harmful if it gets into the wrong hands. Like Sienna Miller's, for example. Unless you are an adorable lisping, gap-toothed four-year-old in pigtails and/OR you work on a farm sowing seeds, overalls are OFF limits to you!

One more crime of fashion passion:

ALL of the "also-a-purse" creations found here. Here is just a SMALL tasting of the shit platter she offers:

And I didn't even start on the holiday collection. Now I KNOW it's not very nice to hate on someone's work, but it's also not nice to walk around with a $300 plaster and enamel replica of the LoveBoat hanging around your wrist. Word.


fashionkitty said...

Haha. That was a great post. Those shoes are ridiculous.

ambika said...

I remember Lindsay Lohan wore sandals like those last summer & got roundly mocked on the internets. And those purses? Just fug.

zain said...

you are ridiculous. those overalls are in my closet.

A. said...

Gah! Lumpy fish...thing! What the hezz?!? Flashbacks to cancer-ridden goldfish of youth!

Does one get free vouchers for therapy upon purchase of this shite?

missbombalurina said...

ewwww those are like Judith Lieber via walmart

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