Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More Cute Stuff! Some Affordable, Others Not

Okay. Here's some rad, ruling stuff, y'all.

($182, Sunner, ActiveEndeavors.com)
Super cute dress, and it looks like it'd be super flattering on all body types, but the price doesn't flatter me. Fortunately this looks like JUST the type of thing we can expect Urban Outfitters and/or Old Navy to knock off shortly! Here's hopin'!

($158, BCBG, Bloomingdale's)
This is perf for those weddings and events in the in-between season of Sprummer -- not quite spring, not quite summer, knowhudimean?

($355, Diane von Furstenberg, Bloomie's)
OOoooh pretty, but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek espensy! Super elegant and timeless though.

(Apprx $273 USD, Diane Von Furstenberg, Browns)
More DVF! I'd definitely sooner dole out nearly three BJs (Ew! Benjamins, you freak!) for this beauty as opposed to the black number. The dark colors reminds me of London, when it gets dark super early and rains the whole time, but you're drunk by 6PM because that's how it rolls. Also, brown and chili pepper are TOTES in for F/W '07, k? Also, while we're talking about DVF, check out the rest of her Fall line. Beauts!


($19.99, Target)
Yay! Cute and affordable! Viva la 'Jay!

($39.99, Rafe for Target)
Speaking of Targs... should I get this bag? Pro: It's orange. Con: It's canvas (soils easily) and snaps and doesn't zipper (safety first, ladies!)

($7, Sears, VintageAmore.com)
Yay! Another thing that's affordable! Except that ho totes needs to pick up an iron. Eeek! But apres, you could totes look like the cutest little all-growed-up L'il Orphan Annie.

($49.95, no apparent brand, Chinatowner.com)
If you're into the military look and/or My Chemical Romance, this jacket might make the maybe list. Maybe you could buy it and save it in case the "he's-in-the-army-now" look comes back again soon, as I'm sure it will since it's a close cousin to the nautical look. But this site is most shady.

($101, Michael Kors, Zoe)
Do you love these Michael Kors boots, or do you hate 'em? Maybe yes? Maybe no? Maybe I just like 'em because they're on sale. But they're sorta fun.

($35, prolly Wild Pair, Back-in-Style.com)
Anyone who's ever attended a party I've thrown knows that these Dolly Parton pumps are totes something I'd probably answer the door wearing. (Yay, me!)

($128.95, Steve Madden, Amazon.com)
Speaking of Dolly Parton and shoes that I'd def wear...

($15.95, SierraTradingPost.com)
Is it wrong that I think this could actually be cute if you took it up to the knee? Not with the Dolly pumps, but still? Cute?


kat heyes said...

yes to the bag, yes to the boots

ambika said...

Strangely enough, I kind of like that military jacket. I will stay far away tho, as I don't want to be mistaken for an overwrought fan of My Chemical Romance.

Laura said...

uhhh, the sierra trading post frock= no way... it reminds me of something our suitemate alison will be wearing in 5 or so years while registering her 5 or so kids for jesus camp.

Tamron Lohan said...

gah haaa. laura, i KNOW you registered on blogger JUST so you could leave that comment. come on -- if it came to the knee?? cute, no? no?

Flashy_Shades said...

it hurts not to have that dvf

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