Sunday, January 21, 2007

More Cute Shoes

Perhaps because I was once a Girl Scout, I always plan ahead. So that means I'm already thinking about spring/ summer shoes (which can also means I'm open to wearing summer shoes now -- i.e. with tights -- since winterizing is all the rage these days).

Basically, unless I'm running out to a bodega, and sometimes even then, I HATE flipflops. HATE them. I also don't like platform wedges or espadrilles because I fear my ankle will pronate (fancy word for "buckle") and I'll crack my foot off. And ballet flats are totes ok, but I want an alternative. And if it's not too much to ask, since I'm already on a mission for cute footwear for the spring, I'd like something for NOW, something that isn't boots, because I'm wearing the living hell out of mine. Ok. so, I needed cute slip-on type shoes that I can wear now and in the coming months, particularly when it's not 3 degrees out.

At first I thought seriously about these. They're cute, affordable, and I can even wear them now. But, they're satin, which a.) I don't like, and b.) they'd be ruined even at the mere threat of moisture. So they're out.

($58.98, Tribeca,

Next I found these. They're super cute, and I appreciate that extra little lift of height -- at 5.1" I could definitely use it. And the fact that they aren't 5" of platform is also much appreciated.

($15.99, Qupid,
I didn't buy 'em, but um, I probably will.

I like the very ledo-deckness of these:

($89.00, BCBC,
They're sorta Shelley Winters in "The Poseidon Adventure" before she dies, of course.

Then I happened upon these on eBay:

And guess who WON! ME! Usually I'm VERY anti brown shoes, but I'm getting older and I think it's time to face my fears. And guess what... they're even more adorable in person, especially on. .. ME!

Since I'm still thinking about ballet flats, I found these, but then I stopped smoking crack and realized that they totally suck.

($39, TeeTee,

Then I found these which I also bought. YAY!

($34, Prima Donna,

And, because I can't be content to buy just two pairs of shoes, and because I got SUCH GREAT DEALS (the ebay ones were less than $20), I decided to pick, these up too. Not in black. For someone who feared brown shoes since I grew out of my Buster Browns, I think I'm being pretty fearless, no? I think these could be totally cute with jeans.

($42.99, Dr. Scholl's,
I also searched for "overstock coupons" online and got free shipping. Yay, me!

Since I'm already on a preppy shoes kick, these are also quite cute and would be great for summer, no?

($70, Steve Madden,

Ok, here's what else I found on my online journey:


($69 USD, Poste Mistress,
Mmm! Delicious grey suede!


($110, Report,

These could actually be pretty cool, especially since I'm seeing lotsa mod/sporto stuff for the spring:

($18.99, Delicious,

Yay! Lovely:

($51.60, Seychelles,
But only in limited sizes = boo.

For some reason, I like these:

($62, BC,
But I've been around long enough to know that they might be better in theory than practice. Sigh.

Same goes for these:

($249, Kenneth Cole,
Now, I think they're cool, but I got a "you're out of your goddamned mind" from ONE CERTAIN BLOGGER and "I feel like I don't even know you" from a NOW-ENEMY when I shared my sentiments. I like 'em, but what do I know? I'm just your motha! Hmph!

These could be super cheap looking in real life, but for 10 bucks, who cares?

($9.99, Wild Diva -- horbs name, I know --
Woah. Are you still reading this? You're the best!

Do I need these? No. Do I like 'em? Of course.

($85, Adidas,

These shoes rule:

($189.99, Bettye Muller, Amazon)

These shoes suck:

($454 USD - !!!! - Acne Jeans,
So awful, but you just KNOW you're gonna see Sienna or Jessica Simpson in them in like a week. Still, it's NO excuse.

And, finally, speaking of footwear sin, I leave you with these:

($19.75, Chinese Laundry,

Ok, I'm finally done. Bon voyage!


molly said...

oh my god theyre all so gorgeous, i cant even pick a favorite...and you posted so many!

ambika said...

Ok, the shoes you got off ebay? So cute in an every day but fun way. And I love the size of the wedge on the first set of finds--I can never find anything so practical but still height-increasing (this is coming from another 5'1 shoe lover.)

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

So, uh, what exactly is ledo-deckness? I would like to add it to the Fashion Binge Style Guide, if indeed it is a word.

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