Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Amy Wineohouse: A Non-Fashion-Related PSA

Oh Amy Winehouse! Girl, no no no! From one boozy Jew to another, PLEASE eat a cheeseburger or something!!! I love your voice, I love that you swear like a trooper, and even though they make you look like a drag queen, I could even learn to love your batwing eyeshadow because it's clearly your way of saying to the world: "Eat me." But I'm NOT loving the track mark chic look!! You look like you've been feeding yourself a steady diet of vodka, coke and air. Someone, please help!

If you haven't yet seen her slur through a shit-faced version of "Beat It," check it out now.


Emma said...

thanks for the kind words! i love your blog too.
i'm laughing hysterically at this post- you are hilarious.
boozy jews unite!
well, i'm sixty percent jewish. which i'm not sure is quite enough to make jew jokes.

Alison said...

haha i can't even understand what shes saying most of the time

Gala said...

Oh, this is so sad! I love Amy too.

Jessica said...

What the fuck happenedto hear, she was like a sausage in a dress and then she is bones.

It doesn;'t even look like the same person; she is a bit cracked out.

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