Friday, March 30, 2007

Gwen Stefani, You Foul Temptress You!

Why must you tease me so? Some of your shit is so darn cute, and some is so effing fugz, and some is stuck somewhere in between. Like this...

($72, Harajuku Lovers,
I know this crocheted cardigan is totes bizarre and would make me look like a crazy old granny stuck in a not-old body, and I know it's an exercise in poor judgment, but something attracts me to it, like birds to shiny discarded gum wrappers on the lawn. Why?

Okay... Now for some not-questionable things, both in yellow. Yippeeee!

($12.99, Wild Diva,
I've already issued a formal statement apologizing for my attack against ALL patent leather footwear. With the acknowledgment of that hypocrisy, I present these. Cheap, cute, yellow, and yes, patent leather.

($218, Charlotte Ronson,
While I couldn't deal with the cut of the back, I otherwise LOVE the style, length and everything else about this dress. It just looks soooo super soft and sunny! Want! I'll be certain to drop by everyone's fave knock-off artist, Forever 21 to pick up a few, since they'll inevitably have some.

P.S: I know this definitely isn't fashion-related, but it is fucking awesome and hilarious. I really want a lettuce safe!! It'd be the only head of lettuce I could keep alive, but unfortunately, much like my fridge, it'd probably always be empty.



cheryl said...


I just wanted to drop by and say that I love your blog! I work for and if you or any of your readers ever want a discount, just drop us a line via our liveperson or contact us area!

Also, if you want to look into developing a mutually beneficial relationship, we're all ears!

Take care and keep up the great blogging!

sara girlscantell said...

omg. i want an iceberg safe.
i wish they had one in romaine though. wouldn't that be perfect?

JP said...

Or, wilted lettuce. That would be more least in my fridge.

The patent flats are so cute! Gwen's sweater looks thin and droopy...sure to make someone like me look homeless.

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