Thursday, March 29, 2007

ModCloth Discount for FashionBingers!!


The awesome and lovely Susan over at adorbs e-tailer ModCloth wrote us a very sweet love letter of sorts and then gave us a coupon code EXCLUSIVELY for 'Bingers like YOU! Yay! It's like we "hit the big time" or something! We're stoked. So, go forth, shop, and SAVE with coupon code binge10.

See! Membership totes has its privileges!!

I just bought the peacock tunic I'd been jonesing for:

($34.99, Scrapbook)

Here are some other cute ModCloth items you could buy:

($47.99, Soundgirl)

($49.99, vintage Charles Jourdan)

And I still really want this...

($49.99, Chica Boom)

Maybe if a few of you banded together, you could buy me this with the money you save from the discount code?? A thought?
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