Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Fuck brackets. There's only one thing I care about this month that ends with -ackets, and that's "jackets." Here are a bunch of awesome ones, first a few randos, then in ascending order of awesomeness.

($12.49, Mossimo,
First, something for the guys. Simple, affordable, inoffensive.

($65.95, Adidas,
I went through my sporty phase in college, so I don't think I'd go out of my way to wear this since it's not in my fashion wheel house. But this is for all of your sporty spices out there. This is cute, no? I like when sportswear looks less like a stodgy uniforms. Yay for jewel tones!

Okay... Now for the good stuff.

($39, Mossimo,
Another simple, affordable, not-at-all-inelegant piece from The 'Jay.

($49.99, Urban)
Grrr. I'm pissed that I already bought a trench because this one is SO adorbs. Look at the femme floral buttons, the lovely tailoring (sooooo not boxy) and the unconventional belt. Wah. I want.

Simple and sophisticated. Just like you. When you're not a drunken mess.

($52, Nick and Mo,
LOVE me some waist-defining ties. That, plus the puffy shoulders - so fresh.

($79, Nick and Mo,
Soooooo presh. With cool angled pockets and Sailor Jerry-esque embroidery details. I'm always a fan of banded jackets, so you don't have that whole "Where does this jacket stop and my pelvis begin?" ambiguity.

($54, Nick and Mo,
Now, I'm wondering if that whole nebulous waist thing might be going on here. Still, check out the back of the piece -- extremely gorgez.

($175, We Are The Superlative Conspiracy,
I love this jacket. I love that it's jersey. I love that it's asymmetrical. I love this brand. Love, love, love, love, love.

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