Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bag It Up!

Some adorbs bags for Tuesday, y'all.

($204.00, Magnes Sisters, starsandinfinitedarkness.com)
I SOOO heart these bags by Brooklyn-by-way-of-Israel's Magnes Sisters, one of whom I share a name with! They look so buttery soft (the bags, not the sisters), and I love the colors. Yay!

(Apprx $23 USD, Dorothy Perkins)
Super cute Brit bag!

(Apprx $29 USD, EmmaFerguson.co.uk)
(Scroll down a bit for this one, and check out the system error pillow too!)
I know it's more like a pouch, but it's soooo effing presh! Damn. Brits win again!

I'm all outta bags at the minute, so onto non-bags...

($98, Deathbot, gama-go.com)
Yay! Something for the blokes! (Lame attempt at sounding Anglo). Sweet sweater, sweet price, especially for a limited edition.

(Apprx $34 USD, Dorothy Perkins)
Super cute sandal pumps in a healthy selection of colors: red, white, blue, black and yellow. They remind me of the Jeffrey Campbell sandal pumps I kept seeing everywhere last year, but cheaper (though not leather). However, I tried the latter on and they were horrifically painful. I felt like one of Cinderella's ugly steppies. Wah. Anyway, these are cute.

(Apprx $48 USD Dorothy Perkins)
These, however, are not. So gross. This makes me really DREAD the patent fad. Ugh. Patent leather is for bags and MAYBE, on occasion, belts. Shoes? No, please. Unless you're an incorrigibly adorable little child star:

You should NOT have patent leather anywhere near your feet.

(Photoshop job by ME! And by Photoshop, I mean MS Paint.)
I rest my case.


ambika said...

That first bag is to die for. And Dakota is seriously a demon minion.

Felicia said...

Love that retro cassette bag

JP said...

A agree that those patent yellow sandal things are disgusting...but no patents on the feets? Ever?

Tamron Lohan said...

You're right. In my yellow patent leather-induced fog, I issued a rash blanket statement which I now retract. Any granny-esque thick-heeled shoes in patent leather are NOT okay. Especially patent sandals -- GAH! But a flat, skimmer or low-heeled solid-colored patent leather shoe CAN be cute. I'd be hypocrite if I said otherwise, because I definitely even condoned them a few months back:

And I continue to stand by that.

Thank you for the virtual slap in the face I needed to return to my senses, because patent flats can, indeed, be cute. I even said so myself!!!

Anonymous said...

You rule, Ms. Tamron Lohan!

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