Thursday, March 29, 2007

Some Things I Loved Today

With spring and summer just around the corner, I find myself in need of some new spring shoes, especially considering the recent purge I went through when I moved to a new apartment. Time to restock! I've been looking especially for ballet flats, but flats of any cute kind may apply. Here's a few options for summer footwear (plus one winter sale holdover).

I have yet to throw myself into the Eleanor Grosch for Keds bandwagon, but I do like these two: the duck print and the frog print skimmers, with a slight edge going to mr. ducky. Who doesn't love rick rack, after all? $39.99 a pair.

Keds' "Hipster Skimmer" would be perfect as commuter shoes, no? If you, uh, go in for that sort of thing. $45.95 from Zappos with free shipping.

Rocketdog cutout-heart peeptoe flat
, $38. Cuuuuute. I bought these today. What a good little consumer I am!

Another red option: the canvas peeptoe flat, $28.

El cheapo crossover ballet, $24. I bought these, too.

I love the Dolce Vita twist-toe ballets, on sale for $39.99, but for some reason I prefer the muted color and simpler style of el cheapo, above.

I also like the simplicity of the Dolce Vita leather rainbow ballet flat, on sale for $60. Not sure about that rainbow-elastic thing at the toe, though. Guess I'll pass.

Even though winter is clearly over, I couldn't pass up the ridiculous sale price of $19.99 for these Dolce Vita nylon wedge boots. Was $125, is cute! Plus: lined in shearling! Yay next winter!

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