Monday, March 19, 2007

Walk of Shame

Today's the day! Tee! Naomi Campbell reports for dirty duty cleaning out the rat-, garbage- and poopy-infested NYC Public Transit System due to lack of self-restraint. I mean CAN YOU BLAME HER? I'd be pissed if MY lowly maid stole MY Stellas! That bitch is lucky she only walked away a black eye!

Oh... I kid, I kid. I mean, as difficult as it might be for N.C. to figure out that a broom is a cleaning device and not a body type goal, this is still just a token gesture. Like when celebrities go to "fancy jail." Why couldn't she have just paid a super whopping fine and then gone about her bratty way instead of clogging up NYC police resources as cops stand stationed outside the building the whole time she's in it. What a waste. I wonder if this walk of shame was more or less embarrassing than when she ate it on the runway back in 1993. I call bullshit on the whole situation AND the ridiculous spiky boots she wore to the gig.

Speaking of boots...

($125, Nicole, Lulu's Fashion Lounge)
I wuv these Dafne boots by Nicole, especially in red, as seen here (though ANNOYING only in sizes 7 and 9.5)...

($129.56, Nicole, Zappos)
And I really love 'em in white too. Nordstrom has some too, including some boring browns and not the reds.

And to complete this Naomi- and Nicole-related post... here are two ADORABLE Nicole Miller silk print dresses, one in a tres Pucci pattern and the other in a very Deco design:

($300, Nordstrom)

($300, Nordstrom)

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Alison said...

I love the Nicole Miller dresses, they're totally gorgeous!

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