Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cute Clutches

If the pollen count is high this spring, then so is the unbelievable amount of irresistibly cute clutches swirling around in my brain. Woah. That was like the worst mixed metaphor ever. It was just plain awful. Anyway. Clutches rule, if only just in theory, since clutches + walking around in, say, Midtown Manhattan = mugging magnet. But for all you ladies who drive and can RUN from the parking lot to your destination, whiteknuckling your clutch like a football, these are for you. Soooo many effing cute clutches, in ascending order of affordability.

($4.29, Asos.com)
Love the envelope style and I LOVE the snap closure.

($5.97, Torrid.com)
How cute would this be with a flirty solid colored dress, hm? Or adorbs A-line skirt and denim jacket or the like? Or jacket with '80s poofy sleeves, if it's the Cyndi Lauper look you're after? Ahh I'm awash in endless possibilities!

($6.49, Target)
Exaggerated old-school snap fixture! LOVES! And it's in several other choice colors.

($9, FredFlare.com)
This should come with a defibrillator to bring you back after going into acute cuteness shock.

($9.74, ModCloth.com)
This really is such an ideal lil guy right here. And check out the other delish bold colors it comes in too. Oh, and the lovies at ModCloth hooked y'all up with an especial Fashion Binge coupon code: Enter "binge10" for 10% off any order. (Membership has its privileges!)

(Approx $9.81 USD, DorothyPerkins.co.uk)
Just TRY not to love the buckle clutch. Oh, and check out the rest of the cute clutches Dorothy Perkins has.

($10.79, ModCloth.com)
I'm not the BIGGEST polka dot fan, but for those of you who can deal, here's this.

($14.98, Torrid.com)
Yes. I know pink glitter is ridiculous. Don't like it? You can leave the way you came in!

($15, LulusFashionLounge.com)
Great shape, and it's named "Purple Rain." What's not to love?

($32, Little Odd Forest, Forestprints.com)
So. much crafty cuteness without too much DIY-ness.

($51.95, Melie Bianco, Zappos)
I sorta shamefully love this in that way that you're not supposed to be attracted to frat boys but sometimes secretly are. I like the preppy Bass Weejun/ Sperry Topsider/ Duck image this classic clutch conveys. Well done, Melie Bianco!

($80, m. andonia, Fredla.com)
Is this too Frida Kahlo? Regardless, I like.

($90, Bambina di Cioccolato, StarsandInfiniteDarkness.com)
Lovely color combos. The black and white one is very Chanel. Without the two extra digits at the front of the price tag.

($100, Bambina di Cioccolato, StarsandInfiniteDarkness.com)
I'm generally not a fan of the ring wristlet, but these are some fantastic colors. You NEED an olive clutch.

($116.06, Charles David, Zappos)
More of that "Preppy Handbook" style to which I'm apparently latently attracted.

($160.88, Blush, Asos.com)
I know this isn't technically a clutch, but it came up in my search for clutches, so that kinda counts. I have no idea why I'm attracted to a $160-wallet with an abstract depiction of a unicorn on it, but, well, here it is.

($218, Kate Spade, Zappos)
No, I haven't lost my mind. I have a bizarre affinity for lobsters. And I love this. And I love the "Heddy" cosmetic bag version too.

($201, Whiting & Davis, Zappos)
Finally, here's one of the ugliest items I've seen in hours. Look! It's a ... shiny, iridescent lump of shit! With a porthole! For old ladies!


($48, Juicy Couture, Nordstrom.com)
As lame as Juicy Couture can often be, this headphone charm is precious.

Ok, bye!


BelleNoelle said...

Oooooo..the "Purple Rain" ....MINE! Gotta have it!! It's done!

ambika said...

Get. Out. Of. My. Head.

I totally want that Sperry Preppy clutch in the same shameful way. And OPHb is my secret bible.

Laura said...

love, love, love the kate spade lobster purse...esp the green handle.... i will totally be rocking that in the hamptons...or wildwood this summer.

Melie Bianco handbag fan said...

Of course I'm partial to that Melie Bianco clutch but I also like the Bambina di Cioccolato, it's so cute and feminine!

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