Thursday, April 26, 2007

Endless Shoes, and a Free Five-Spot!

Earlier this year, Amazon launched, a site that sells shoes and handbags. And it's not bad, not bad at all. It's pretty massive in fact, and may just give Zappos a run for its money. Plus, taking free overnight shipping one better, they've got NEGATIVE $5 shipping! Seriously, they say. You get $5 off when you choose overnight shipping. Awesome! I looked through it with the budget shopper in mind, cause, uh, she's me.

I like the toughness of this Aerosoles Women's Chrome Body sandal, $78.95. And I like the blue leather (it also comes in brown, black, and tan). I'm afraid it might be a bit dowdy looking though. Thoughts?

In a similar vein but even more desirable are these Aerosoles Women's Teal Estate wedges, $78.95. I even like the studs. I've been looking for another pair of tan heels, something versatile, ya know? These might just be it.

I'm not quite sure when one would ever need red and white shoes, but I find these Aerosoles Who Knew sandals, $78.95, to be pretty fun nonetheless. One of the few instances in which I would consider allowing patent-leather to come near my person.

Oh wow, what a cute, practical (read: low-heeled) shoe: The NaNa Derry wedge, $59.90. The only problem is deciding which color to get: It comes in blue, black, mint, red, and yellow.

A bit clunkier, and therefore funkier, are these Nana Dooley pumps with a one-inch heel. $64.90; also in red, ecru, and black.

I can't decide about these. You know when you have a wedding to go to, and you're like, I need gold shoes? Could these be those shoes? Looks sturdy enough for dancing, and the color looks subtly champagne-y. I think I like. What do you think? Kenneth Cole Reaction Frankie Pants sandals, $64.90.

I used to have a pair of pointy-toed sandals that I loved and wore mercilessly for about three summers straight. I had them repaired two times and then one day in West Chelsea the cork and the rubber came plum off the sole. I miss them. And so it was with glee that I noticed this Hype Rhea sandal, $39.79. Unfortunately I don't think I really like that crystal brooch thing. Shame.

Nine West Jenaya sandal, $74.95. Brown sandal. Looks pretty fun, yes?

Now, I've been searching for some new ballet flats for some time. These technically aren't ballet flats, but they are supercool, no? Tribeca Live Large ballet flats, $35.79. Love the cutout on the side. Just wish it came in more colors.

Ditto these. Why only black and off white? That's a waste of a cute, comfy-looking shoe. Sam Edelman Consuelo ballet flats, $88.95.

Farylrobin Beep Low wedges. Beep low? Okaaaaay. Why are shoe names so weird? These remind me of Campers in a way. Me likey. $135.90.

Next up, if they have anything good: endless bags!


Amy said...

AAAH! I've been eyeballing those blue Aerosoles at the top for awhile now.
I finally 86'd the idea of purchasing them when my coworker said they looked like "high heel Birkenstocks."

1jonboy said...

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