Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dresses I Want

Again, in ascending order of affordability:

($31.50, Fang,
MKHo informed me that it looks a bit "young" and "unspecial." Well I am definitely ONE but NOT both of those things. Quelle quandary! Oh well.

($49, Double Exposure Elite Resale)
The jacket that comes with this is totes morts, but the dress is rad. VERY "9 to 5."

($59, Ruby Rox,
Only thing wrong with this is it's made of poly. Booo to fabrics that just don't breathe.

($72, Max & Cleo By BCBG,
Is this cute or is it too just like... "that girl"? I don't mean like in the Marlo Thomas sorta way, because that'd be rad. But like "Oh look. It's 'that girl.' In 'that dress.' Because I don't wanna be that girl.

($123, Young Fabulous & Broke,
So deliciously comfy-looking. Grey jersey = heavenly.

($150, Prospect 44,
Strapless '80s-ness meets bubbly-nowness. And that chick looks like Rachel McAdams, no?

($282, Charlotte Ronson,
My answer to MK's maxi dress. Tres beachy!!

($328, Sarah Luna, YLLI)
This dress is marriage material.

($330, Twinkle,
Eeeee! It's like a birthday party with straps! Love! Though the cut is questionable -- I can't see anyone except this chick looking great in it.

(Apprx $380, Paul and Joe Sister,
Drooooooling (though possibly because my office presently smells like spaghetti.)

($427, Cass Guy,
So much beauty in just one simple silk dress.

($450, Tracy Reese,

And with that, I leave you with this insane-looking photo of a woman grabbing her couture breast:


sara girlscantell said...

what's the deal with the shopbop girl's hideous shoes?

JP said...

OMG, I was thinking the same thing about those terrible shoes, sara!

Couture breast self-exam?

ambika said...

I like the Max & Cleo dress. I think I must be missing the 'that girl' vibe you were picking up.

And the Charlotte Ronson dress would be boob deforming. Just no.

Lauren said...

I think she's grabbing her couture ribs because couture breasts aren't that saggy!

Ainsley said...

Just stumbled across your blog! That fourth one (Max & Cleo BCBG or whatever) is GORGEOUS! Also what's with the last girl sticking her hand in her blouse? Self-breast exam? Awkward.

Tamar said...

@Ainsley: LOL!

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