Sunday, April 08, 2007

Head Over Heels For Flats

Thas right, y'all. Now that I'm done hibernating in bed all weekend on a quest to finish "The Corrections," I'm righting the wrong of neglecting El 'Binge for a few days, and now I'm back, parlaying my fervor for plowing through that depressing novel into my quest for fantastic flats. And of course, you're benefitting.

Here are some adorbz flats in ascending order of expensivity.

($14.99, Anne Michelle,
They don't come more basic than this. Sure they're super cheap and aren't real leather, but you know Urbs would be selling the same shit for like $58. And I like that they have a sorta classic cut.

($16.99, Michael Antonio,
I LOOOOOVE the little button detail (I know, once again, total hypocrite w/ the patent leather). It's SO Eloise.

($17, Classified,
HOW cute are these going to be with yellow?? (VERY cute is the answer.)

Also would make a darling complement to anything yellow and spring-y. And these are a great to way to do the stripey shoe thing without looking too junior-high sneakery. Here they are also, but for more expensive. I like the smaller stripes better, hombre.

($44, Restricted, I don't know why, but I'm drawn to these. They look super comfy, and I like the toe reinforcement.

I sorta even want these for fall.

($34, TUK,
Come on. Houndstooth = adorbsies. And they're vegan too (she says, as she snacks on manchego before her dinner of merguez.)

($48, BC Footwear,
It's sort of against my better judgement that I recommend these shoes, since I love both of these color combos.

($51, BC Footwear,
Black + knotted = classic for realzies.

While I fault Urban/FreePeople/Anthropologie for basically getting away with highway robbery, I'm once again giving into my totally hypocritical side soley (har) because I love the lavendar, green and grey colors.

($59.95, Naughty Monkey,
Hi! And welcome back to "Tamron Lohan's Hour of Questionable Judgement!" Sigh. Monkey tired.

($62, Seychelles,
I don't think I need to even explain why these rule. Besides. I'm TIRED of constantly defending myself and my actions, OKAY?

($62.95, Jeffrey Campbell,
Love these in fuschia and in green.

($66, Steve Madden,
Usually all-white shoes are best left to the ice cream man, but these are vintage-looking enough to make them okay. Plus they look like they'd still be cute even when they get dusty and dirty.

($69.98, Jeffrey Campbell,
I was sorta not so into the Chinese symbol style of this variety of flat, but I kinda love it in fleur de lis, since I do indeed love fleur de lis. (No offense to Chinese people.) Here they also are, but more expensive. And here are a few more styles, but I don't think I could patronize a shop that spells "patent" "pantent."

($69, Luiza Barcelos,
I sorta do like the seafaring vibe of these fun flats. Especially if you're keeping it chill on top and aren't like, wearing a ring buoy around your waist or something.

($79, Steve Madden,
Cute and classic.

And now it's time for a section that I like to call...


I'm not a big fan of larger posts, but the danglies are so cute.

Another cute item that Urban would totes gouge. But it is a bit young.

I know this is best left to the type of girl who'd wait in line 4 hours in the rain for AFI tickets, but waaaahhhh! It's cute!

Love the color. And the heart is understated enough.

And finally... here's a completely vile pair of boots:

($94.99, Kenzie.
Uh, there's a reason they took over $100 off of these b'fugly boots. It's because they're absolutely atrocious.


ERICA said...

I actually have the Kenzie them for %75 plus extra %30 off.

They're not ugly on your feet. Go great with American Apparel tunic top(as dress) and belt!

ambika said...

I love how the theme of this post (besides totally cute shit) is how Urban Outfitters overcharges on *everything*--I haven't bought anything from there in ages but when I do, it's always drastically marked down.

sara girlscantell said...

the white steve maddens would totally leave a cutesy little dust pattern on your foot when you get them dirty. i mean, if you're gonna have dirty feet, you may as well have adorable dirty feet, you know?

Tamron Lohan said...

sara - i couldn't have said that better myself.


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