Friday, April 06, 2007

All I Wanna Do Is Just A-Voom Voom Voom

Usually I don't consider Jennifer Boobs Hewitt to be an arbiter of cutting-edge style. Nor Guilana DiPandi for that matter. But... they're both on the money with their endorsement of adorbs Voom dresses by designer Joy Han.

Here. Let me sprinkle some cuteness on you:

($178, Voom,
I will dream of this dress for a fortnight.

($258, Voom,
LOVE these colors, and you KNOW big pockets are in, y'all.

($169, Voom,
I went back and forth on this for a few seconds, but then I confirmed my own suspicions: this is fucking a.dor.ablay. And the owl pins are detachable (for all you haters or hunters out there).

($174, Voom,
Jury's out on this one, but the wooden elephant is so delightfully '70s that I can barely think straight. Also, here's the same dress for a wee bit less.

($130, Voom,
Beautiful AND on sale. Note: Attempt to "winterize" this piece with boots and dark tights = horbs.

($238, Voom,
This is lovely in theory, but we need not express our nautical affinities so loudly. It's just a little too "He's-in-the-army-now-red-lipstick-open-mouth-wink-wink-y" to me.

($196, Voom,
Of course you gotta take the good with the bad, and this is defintely bad. It's like an Anakin Skywalker Does Denim situation or something. Pass!

You can check out more of the Voom collections here. I like the Fall stuff and her use of darker colors better than the warm weather stuff. And, here's lots more Voom stuff on sale at The Red Lemon Store.

Now that I ostensibly still have your attention, here are some cute flats, on sale! Yay!

($49, J.Lo,
Oddly cute!! Might have to lift my J.Lo = J.No embargo!

($49, Kenneth Cole Reaction,
Kenneth Cole pulls off bronze metallic without the horbs tackiness! Hooootyhoooo!

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awesome awesome awesome shit

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