Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Bought It & I Don't Know Why

Now it's time for a little section I like to call "I Bought It & I Don't Know Why."

Today's random purchase:

($16.50, White Barn New York, Bathandbodyworks.com)
I saw it in Lucky, and I had to have it. Also, it was on sale (use promo code "pineapple" for about $4 off). Also, I love pineapples, and also I love clean, white, shabby chic porcelain stuff (against my better judgment), and also I have a shopping problem.

Also, WHEN did Bath and Bodyworks become cool??? I kept staring at the products in Lucky and asking myself, is the SAME store otherwise known for selling shitty 3 for $10 plastic-bottled body sprays in scents usually worn by girls who got into their third choice of sororities?? (I'm sorry, but freesia and vanilla are vile. Ditto to any "Christmas" fragrances. The only BBW product that doesn't make me wretch is cucumber melon. And that's pushing it). Anyway, are they like Bigelow now or something? Hmph!

Okay, next, I really want this bag:

($64.35, Asos.com)
The awesomeness! Such a well-done basic!

($28, Hansel From Basel, ActiveEndeavors.com)
Cute cute cute!!!!



ambika said...

Love the pineapple and the bag. I also loved the pears you posted the other day to the point that I almost bought them until I realized they were only 4 inches tall.

S said...

Aww, I love random purchases like these. The pineapple candle is adorable and really suited your whole title "I Bought It and I Don't Know Why" because I saw the pineapple and was thinking the exact same. Haha. Great purchases though. It's these little things in life that add a little bit of sunshine and smiles..

JP said...

OMG I love the tights! Reminiscent of a pineapple, no? Okay, maybe that's a stretch... Anyway, I concur with you on B&BW. But, their Breathe line is actually kind of captivating.

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