Tuesday, April 17, 2007

If You Like Mina, You'll LOVE... Double Zero

I am LOVING the super whimsical dress by celeb-forward brand Mina:

($117, Mina, Asos.com)
It's light years beyond adorable, but maybe a weeeeeeensy bit pricey for such a trendy piece, yah?

($24, Double Zero, LulusFashionLounge.com)
Okay, so it's A BIT of a stretch, and it's definitely sportier, but this is a really decent second best, and it's just a small little fraction of the price of Mina. Plus, florals: In!

While we're at Lulu's Fashion Lounge, I really like this sweet dress too:

($46, Chica Boom, Lulusfashionlounge.com)
So dainty and comfy looking!

And while we're talking Asos.com, which, if you couldn't tell by now, I LOVE dearly, I love this dress too:

($85, Mina, Asos.com)
Looks like it's only available in black (for now, at least), and while I prefer it in cream, either way, it's a much less LOUD way than the first Mina dress to do the trendy big flower print without looking like a guest on "Laugh In."

($60, Asos.com)
Square necks are SUPER in, and this color is so spring that it's almost sicker than you after your sixth mojito at the first outdoor happy hour of the season.

K, bye!

1 comment:

JP said...

Maybe I'm completely demented, but when I first saw the turquoise Mina piece, I thought of Blanche from the Golden Girls. WTF? Love the cream floral dress, though.

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