Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stuff I Like -- Some Stuff For Guys, Too!

Okay, y'all. I'm gonna be a bridesmaid! (Mazel tov, LB!) Yay! I don't know the first thing about looking for bridal gowns or bridesmaids dresses... is it weird that I like this?

($138, Adrianna Papell,
I sorta like the idea of a cocktail dress instead of traditional bridesmaid dress. But... it ain't my wedding. I know it's a prom dress, but this is sorta cute. Or it could suck in real life. Also, that chick sorta looks like Katie Holmes.

($995, Badgley Mischka,
So. Pretty. Princess.

($800, Simple Silhouettes,
White done right. Adorable in a very minimal-Zooey Deschanel sorta way.

($152, Only Hearts,
I love this. Just in general. Even if it is a bit out of season. Good for holiday parties though!

I have no clue why I like this. I don't usually go for this screen-printed type of stuff, but it looks really comfie and cute.

Dude stuff! I barely know who Kasabian is, let alone why you'd want to look like one of their members, but whatever. It's a great basic. Cardigans = the thinking man's hoodie.

My boyfriend's response to this piece when I sent it to him was "That's a joke, right?" Alas, NO. I'm dead serious. This striped cardigan is GORGEOUS! Especially with dark jeans. If I were a guy, I'd totally wear this. Then again, if I were a guy, I'd probably also wear heels. Anyway...the NERVE!


emceebard said...

I believe my response was: "You are dreaming... I would totally wear that to the club." Yikes.

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

HA, that pink cardigan is a pretty good (if subtle) example of Tamron's "unique sense of style." Omg. If I could get my boyfriend into that (size L) I think i would laugh forever.

Tamron Lohan said...


daddylikeyblog said...

I'm buying that red striped one for myself. That is too cool.

Laura said...

i think all comments from this point forward should be focused on finding a not horrible bridesmaid dress for my bitches....links please?!?!

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