Wednesday, April 18, 2007

To the Maxi!

Last night I was rather unceremoniously invited to a wedding -- that is, the invite came secondhand, via boyfriend, which he himself received via telephone. Sometimes that's just how boys do it, I guess. "Hey, I'm getting married in six weeks. You're coming, right?" Nevermind that it's a holiday weekend and people might already have plans. Anyway, I'm excited, because I do love a good wedding, and this one is taking place in Central Park's Conservatory Garden (reception I dunno where). And so I've been thinking, of course, of what to wear. And for some reason I'm drawn to maxi dresses, the longer and printier the better. Follow me on my Internet trail of tears (because frankly, I can't afford most of these bitches), won't you?

Foley dress, $440. The dress that started me on this quest. Actually, of course, I've been mulling the Forever 21 knockoff, but of course it's now unavailable online. Maybe a store still has it?

I suspected Anthropologie would have some nice entries in the category, as I remembered my friend Jen bought a gorgeous Tracy Feith number there last summer. She got hers for way less than the cost of this gorgeous Twinkle pebble dress, however. Only 288 smackers to look like a million bucks!

This stunning silk number by Single Dress looks like it would make you feel like the belle of the ball. $324 (for bucks-y belles only).

Laundry by Shelli Segal chiffon halter dress, $340. It almost looks like those are psychedelic zebras swirling around her dress. Fantastic, but only for the bosom-free.

I don't really love this, but it has kind of an eye-popping print. Trixxi dress, $66.95. Uh, perhaps you get what you pay for when it comes to maxi dresses?

So pretty, so springy, so $198. OC by Oleg Cassini long gown.

Ah, finally, an affordable AND cute option: Kimchi & Blue silk ruffle dress, $78. Sold! (Uh, after I try it on...) UPDATE: The dress is now on sale for $44.99, at least online.

And another from Kimchi & Blue. Also $78.

Reader Erin from Fashion Cereal just alerted me to this cute charmeuse maxi dress from JC Penney. Bold, graphic and only $49.99. And extra added bonus: bra cups! Yay!

Ahoy, mateys, I do believe that is a pirate-ship print! BOat* Print dress, currently $43 and no bids (!).

Here's another vintage choice: a bold maxi dress for $85. So sexy.

Antik Batik long tiered dress, $154.

Antik Batik silk dress, $338.

Diane Von Furstenberg dress, $380. Love the unusual neckline on this beauty.

This Antonio Marras dress would be perfect if you were attending a wedding in, say, the Central Park Conservatory Garden (which I am, yay!) and if you had $554 (which I do not, boo). Looking at Yoox is getting a little depressing.

Heading over to my beloved Targs, I find this inexpensive but not very inspiring option: Mossimo long floral dress, $21.99. This doesn't look right for a wedding, but definitely for a casual summer weekend.

Then I figured I'd try Tamron's beloved ASOS, even though it vexes me with its British pounds. Dude, I thought this was supposed to be cheap. But apparently they have "branded" dresses in addition to the regular knockoffs? T Bags draped jersey maxi dress (as seen on Paris Hilton), 200 pounds. Sorry, you do the math.

Checking out the nonbranded dresses, i find this printed number in the style of Eva Mendes, 45 pounds. Hey, that's hot too!

While we're on the British tip, I used to love Warehouse before it closed up shop on Broadway. I think this is the same one. Warehouse paisley dress, 75 quid.

And with that, this particular brand comes to an end. Ciao!


Erinsays... said...

Alright, I'm going to stop leaving messages and then deleting them. sorry, but I can't get the link to work. Thought you might like this dress.
The link sucks, but search for charmeuse maxi dress at jcpenny, it's really cute and only $49.99

Anonymous said...

If you go to the left hand bottom side of the asos website you can change the currency to US dollars.

Anonymous said...

FYI the kimchi & blue silk ruffle dress is on sale at for $44.99

Faran said...

Wow, you must be tall! It's okay to wear a short dress to a black tie wedding, just think Sarah Jessica Parker!

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Ha! I'm 5'5" on a good day. Come on, I can still wear a long dress, can't I?? Bah to rules!

Anonymous said...

Lets say you where in the mood to see a bunch of orange skinned girls dressed in juicy sweats. Than head over to the forever 21 in the Staten Island Mall, they have that dress and a few other non tacky ones.

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