Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Am Not a Hippie (I Am a Target Shopper)

I went to Target tonight to return some stuff and of course walked out with some other stuff. It sure would have sucked if I'd stood on that line for nothing, I tell you.

Is this not the greatest summer shoe ever? Those rainbow straps are stretchy! Which to me equals comfy. (And it's even in the official name of the shoe!) I can never get enough wedges or color, so these are a wonderful find for me. And for you, if you hurry! They only had a few sizes at my Target, so act fast, as they say. Merona Wynn 2-Strap Comfort Wedge in Rainbow, $22.99. Yay!

Hey, remember when I was talking about maxi dresses? This is more of the casual Brooklyn weekend style, for hanging out at brunch and whatever, but I assure you it is definitely better than the picture, which barely shows the cute turquoise stitching at the neckline. It's quite flattering. Mossimo Red Long Hippie Dress, $21.99.

I also got some deodorant and a couple sports bras and some nail polishes, but I don't think anybody really needs to see those. I don't even think anybody really needed to know that.

As you were!

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