Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Am I Crazy?

...or does Clarks have some acceptably cute shoes now? I was drawn into the store this afternoon by some interesting lines spotted through the window and was amazed to find myself actually considering the purchase (or at least the trying-on) of a couple of pairs. Check it:

Clarks Anissa wedge, $83.95. (Or $71.96, on sale at

Clarks Handel heel, $64.99. Also in tan for a few bucks more.

Indigo Serrano thong, $83.95.

Clarks Thunder sandal, $62.96.

Clarks Degas sandal, $71.96.

Indigo Charity sandal, $78.95.

Indigo Siren sandal, $83.95.

I am such a sucker for a shoe with a button. Indigo Arnold slide, $88.95.

Privo Leap skimmer, $45.95. The only reason I didn't try this on is because I couldn't decide whether white or black would be better. They look sooo comfy, and they only weigh like five ounces! Amazingly light.

And with that I give you permission to go forth and purchase comfy, cute Clarks. Just hold off on the original, mkay?

Clarks Wallabee, $93.95.


ms. spinach said...

i kind of dig the originals in orange, actually. not entirely sure to best pull them off, but they've definitely got some unique style.

i don't know about the others... there's something about those sporty-ish, orthopedic-esque heels that are a bit of a turn-off. of course, i can't walk more than a few block comfortably in most of my shoes, so maybe i should be keeping a more open mind?

also: we demand more pictures of young catherine! (er, i mean, mary-kate!)

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

unique style does not equal good style, though. those shits are UGLY.

and i call foul on the "orthopedic" comment. there's no way these shoes have that vibe unless you really value stilettos very highly. maybe the Thunder has hint of it. but if you didn't know better, they'd be campers or seychelles or whatever. i do think you are bringing a bit of a bias to the table. don't be shoe-ist!

Anonymous said...

the thunder, degas and mebbbe the leap i'm thinking. personally i'd nix them all though and go for a massage. or just, maybe, different shoes...

Tamron Lohan said...

gotta agree w/ ms. spinach AND the anon -- not feelin' most of those. def have a "comfort shoe" look. and not in the good way.

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

i can't get a second on the serrano and the arissa at least, seriously? amy mcnulty, holla? yo, i'm gonna do a blind comfort vs. fashion shoe on y'all asses and see if you got the skillz to tell 'em apart.

at the very least you must admit that comfort shoes have come a LONG, LONG way.

JP said...

I think the sirens are fantastic. They look so comfy and non-orthopedic. Those orange things are craptastically fug.

Anonymous said...

theyre all ugly

Daniela said...

Some are cute. I like the
Privo Leap skimmer and the Indigo Siren sandal looks like fun. I just started a shopping blog. It's really new so I'd love you to check it out at

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

very pointed and intelligent commentary, cindy. er, anonymous.

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