Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fashion Binge Turns 1: Blogiversary Party!

Ah-yes yes, fashiony friends! It's official! Fashion Binge is turning ONE and getting our par-tay on!

Who's in for the Fash Bash?

Also, holla at our ridiculously rad flyer, created in pro bono earnest by DJ Stv Slv @ The Hood Internet from the header logo you see at the top of this page, designed by MK's ridiculously cute (and talented) boyfriend, Carl Gambrell of Projector Design.

In other news, get 25% off at every H&M in the US&A, from Friday May 25th to Monday May 28th, k? Just sign up here. Apparently, one must register online in advance, and then they send you a coupon Monday, May 21st. And then they also probably send you spam for the rest of your life. Oh well.

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