Friday, May 18, 2007

Betsey Betsey Betsey Can't You See?

I'm so hearting a couple of Betsey Johnson dresses these days. Sigh. And as you know, we AND YOU have quite the party to attend. So... were that I could, I'd wear...

Loves the '50s-ishness.

($451, Betsey Johnson,
It's a little costumey, dawg, but it's still fun. Ahoy!

($362, Betsey Johnson,
Looks super comfers.

($87, Betsey Johnson,
As previously blogged. I still really like this dress.

($119, Betsey Johnson,
Ridiculous but also great.

I usually don't like to "do the Crew," but this dress is so darling. Though white + strapless + boobs = possible fashion nightmare. Anyway, this was also blogged about here on the Bluelines (a new "hip"-ish Martha Stewart mag -- sounds sorta like Jane Magazine, less the cigarettes and screwing) blog. Am I aging rapidly? I actually sorta like the blog.

This piece is by By Francine, a vintage-inspired label I love. However, it seems to be pretty hard to find. Lemme know if you do come across it.

($85, Paganne,
Speaking of vintage, this Egyptian dress kicks ass. Definitely not summer appropes, but it'd be good just to know you it's there in your closet if you need it.

($89, Casting, Overstock)
Parfait summer party dress.

($56, Chaudry, Overstock)
Does this suck? I can't tell. Might actually work with some cute red ballet flats.

($69, Max & Cleo By BCBG, Overstock)
A total yay summer color.

($389, Harmon, Oak)
I can't help but love this super WASPy dress/ overpriced bathing suit cover up. It's everything I'm not! I sorta wanna wear it with these tranny Steven Madden heels while hanging out on a dock somewhere in New England eating organic greens with balsamic vinegar.


Finally, true to my namesake, I actually don't mind Blohan's dress!

(via People Mag)

K, l8r sk8rs!


Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Bluelines the blog totally got me to subscribe to Blueprint the magazine, which is a teensy bit too women's-maggy -- I don't really need makeup pages in my home mags -- but but otherwise lovely. Recommended, and yay blogs!

Miss Cynthia Bell said...

L.L. looks a little chunky in the legs, is rehab fattening her up?

P.S. That dress is HORRID. She looks like a GSA member.

P.S.S. Love this blog though, I just posted your 2006 article about Leigh Lezark on mine!

Monica Yvette said...

Love Betsy Johnson, don't love the prices. I posted about your party on my blog, and the jewelry is on the way.

Alison said...

i do love me some betsey
all her clothes are so pretty and feminine without being totally skanky

Anonymous said...

i love blueprint mag. its has awesome articles and the layout is one of the best out there. its just fun to look at!

sara girlscantell said...

okay, for a hot second i was still thinking about the li-lo photo and i thought one of the labels said 'whores'. i don't know whether i'm glad or disappointed you don't actually have a 'whores' label.

Tamron Lohan said...

awww i don't think l.lo looks chunkers. she certainly looks 1000000xs better than when she was senorita skeletoradora.

what's GSA? i'm missing something, clearly.

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