Friday, May 11, 2007

Footwear Fetish Friday

Today's post is nuh-in' but shoes, y'all.

Let's start with the in-season stuff.

($280, Devotte,
Just boho enough but not too barfy-boho. Now someone please find a more affordable knockoff, k?

($198, 12th Street By Cynthia Vincent,
They're called "Holiday Heel," but I think they're clever in any weather.

($139, Maloles, Bluefly)
J'adore hard-to-find Spanish shoe line Maloles. I also love the leather flats, which you can get here at or at the outrageously overpriced Kirna Zabete.

While I might fall down and break stuff in these heels, they are darling. The heel's only 3", they look taller.

These aren't totally my speed, but they look comfy and work-appropes. The teal's super cute.

($217, Ashley Dearborn,
These are ridiculous but totally fun. And finally, something to wear to Puffy's White Party!

($178, Vintage Chanel,
These are so "Dallas." Love.

($595, Etro,
Speaking of ridiculous, these are patently ridiculous, but I love 'em. Straight out of a Prada ad where the models are all greased up and lounging in a poolside cabana with trays of food they're totally not eating.

Okay. Now for some totally out-of-season boots.

($799, Anna Sui,
Um, something tells me doesn't have a layaway plan. Bollox.

I generally have a weird prejudice against brown boots, but these COULD actually be sorta cute in brown. And off-season = passing the savings on to you!

($63, Charlotte Ronson,
Too wedge-y (hee) for me, but these are a great deal. Stash that shit for fall, y'all!

($188, Michael Kors,
Not sure how I feel about the Studio boot(-ie) in bronze, but it's lovely in black:

($167, Irregular Choice,
I'm. Not. Afraid. I think these are the funnest, most ridick boots EVAR. And I want 'em. And MK, I already know what you're gonna say, but trust me: you'd come around. If we still lived together, I KNOW you'd end up borrowing them.

Now for some sorta out-of-season heels that are still awesome:

($69, Pink Studio,
So fun, great price.

($109, Oh Deer!,
Granted cork + 4-inch heels makes these a leeettle Aguilera, but the 70s-wallpaper fabric makes them a bit less ho-ey. And here they are at for only $62, but only in 6 and 8.5.

($73, C Label,
These are completely bad-ass.

Now for some amazing finds from Dolce Vita.

Grey heels = deee.lish.

These are outrageously awesome in black AND gold.

Paris-3 = quelle rad! These remind me of Ashley Dearborn, and speaking of Ashley Dearborn...

Here are some amazing Ashley Dearborn picks.

And how can you not love a shoe that shares a name with one of Prince's main hos???

Must. Learn. To. Separate. Wants. From. Needs.

And finally, shoes I'd consider paying for with rent money.

As Refinery 29 reported, they're $278 and they're by Rachel Comey, available at Pear (the sister shoe store to Plum) on Ludlow Street. And I really really want them. Like a lot. Also, check out Rachel Comey's mind-blowingly gorgeous F/W 2007 line. Check out these standouts, as I deviate from the all-shoes nature of this epic post:

And finally, here's your morts:

($550, 6267,
Are these 6267 Yves D'Orsay Pumps the result of two shoes melted into one? Are they the conjoined twins of the shoe world? Whatever they are, they're rank. (Reported by Jargol.)

Okay. I am done now. Bye!

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JP said...

Okay, that last "shoe" reminds me of Chinese foot-binding. And a child's art project. Wow. Just...terrible.

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