Monday, May 14, 2007

Shorts: Not All Bad!

It seems like I keep stocking up for summer, and summer just ain't comin'. What's up with New York actually having a spring? Usually it lasts for about two days before it's swamp city. Lately I'm looking at shorts. Yes, shorts. What am I doing buying shorts? I used to hate them unconditionally and refused to wear them. But I have now bought two pairs for summer '07. Call me crazy, but I'm starting to actually like them!

I lucked out recently at a store I never shop at anymore: Express. Don't judge. I hardly ever go in there, I swear! Please don't revoke my fashionista card! I mean, seriously, it usually sucks. Who buys $100+ jeans from Express? I'm stumped. But I did find some great shorts there recently. I know shorts are a dicey proposition for a lot of ladies, but if you dare, I think these are pretty flattering. A rare case in which pleats are good. Express denim banded-bottom shorts, $39.50.

The short shorts are way cute too, but I left them on the shelves. Those of you who are substantially less aged than myself should really consider them, though. They come in lots of fun colors, but I wasn't ready to bare so much pasty white thigh to the world at large. Entry Pricepoint short (huh??), $24.50.

These pleated banded-bottom shorts, $29.50, are a bit more modest. I tried them on in a medium blue-green, and they were nice. Wasn't totally sure about them, but they're a solid option.

I bought some basic shorts at the Gap recently, too. Not sure these are them, but they're close: Gap topstitched classic shorts, $29.62. I know they look boring, but they were pretty cute on.

Guess everybody has a version of the denim shorts: Gap pleated-front denim shorts, $44.50.

These are my favorite Gap shorts, though: Gap lightweight corduroy roll-up shorts, $39.50.

I might just head to my local J.Crew and check out these army-riffic ripstop roll-up shorts, on sale for $29. They look soooo soft. And it looks like they roll down if you're feeling more modest.

I guess rolling is in fashion, folks! Delia's Lindsey roll-up shorts, $29. Love the bold color.

You know I like to focus on the everyday-peeps options, but if you feel like spending a little more, I am in love with these Marc by Marc Jacobs stretch twill stripe shorts, $148.

L.A.M.B. safari shorts, $145.

Okay. Moving on to a longer length for all the thigh haters out there. Levi's Freedom "knee knocker" shorts, $68. Love the pockets.

Elevenses "to the lighthouse" shorts, $68. So pretty and skirt-like.

I am gonna DIY an on-the-outs pair of jeans for my summer jean shorts, but if you lack the raw materials this might be a good substitute: American Eagle skinny stretch denim bermuda, $39.50.

I am often drawn to plaid Bermudas, for some reason. Yet I never seem to wear them, once purchased. If you are braver, try these Paul Frank shorts, $27.99.

Or the Delia's Murray Ocean bermudas, $29.50.

Hey, instead of shorts, why not a romper? No shirt required! Wifebeater and go! Genius. Rachel romper, $58.

B.B. Dakota Overall Jumper, $40.

And here it is, your Moment of Morts:

On the right: Me circa back in the day, feeling sassy yet looking ridiculous in gigantic mom-made jams. Don't let this happen to you.


Stoked American said...

I had to do a double-take of that picture to make sure the girl on the left wasn't me. Wow.

JP said...

I love the banner!!! Also, were you preparing to camp in the backyard? :-)

ms. spinach said...

that photo just made my day. my week, even!

as an extra note: i bought a pair of great gray shorts for $15 at h&m last week. i meant to go back and get them in black and white as well, but sort of forgot. $15! can't beat that.

Missy said...

Are those slouchy socks with Keds?

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