Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Want! I Want! I Want... Chunky Rings...

Especially by Belmacz and Mesi Jilly.

Refinery 29 just covered Belmacz's bulky, gorgeous pieces:

I love the rings the best. Too bad you can basically only get them at Barneys, which I'm in the habit of never going to.

I heart this Kandinsky ring so so much.

Also, Vogue Paris was all over Mesi Jilly's awesome, one-of-a-kind rings:

($815, Mesi Jilly,
This one is my favorite and also just so happens to be almost the exact same price as my part of the rent, which is coincidentally due nowish!

A few more chunky rings, all by Kenneth Jay Lane:

($100, Kenneth Jay Lane,

($150, Kenneth Jay Lane,
I'm not usually a big moonstone fan, but this is rad.

($75, Kenneth Jay Lane,

($150, Kenneth Jay Lane,
I'm not certain that even I would wear this, but I know a lotta you <3 octopi and other sea creatures, so this is fun if you feel the need to wear one on your finger.

And some more, from Girlprops:

Ridiculous but fun.

Giraffe ring! Where have you been all my life?

Big, chunky silver rings often freak me out a little bit, but I DO ironically love horses, so this is kinda cool. Kinda?

(Apprx $38 USD, The Branch,
Undeniably fun and always in style. also has some really cool wood, lucite and glass rings. Yo quiero these resin rings fah shah.

And now... a BUNCH from etsy:

($9, ElleP,
Fun! And a steal!

($23.99, Ruby Vegas,
Smart! Fun! And with a cool ring base too! Woo!

($4, Niphty,
I'm totes quackers for this cuters Mother Goose ring!

($18, Onetribe,

And I like the fun DIY chunkers rings found at etsy seller Green Thumb Designs.

Finally, the money shot. These rings are amazing:

($170, Pool Ball Rings,
They're made, as the name suggests, out of pool balls. WTF? I can't even image the level of skill and, not to mention, DANGER, involved in making these. Awesomes!

And here's one really ugly thing for you to feast your eyes upon:

Kristen Dunst at the Costume Institute Gala. What. The. Hull. Eeks, Keeks! She looks like a drunk, deranged flapper. No me gusta, Kiki!

Photo via Credit: Matt Baron/BEImages

Tons more Costume Institute Gala pix here at

A few thoughts on the outfits and the people who wore them:
+ ScoJo: Tooo.... done up?
+ Julianne Moore: Why so Annie Hall??
+ Mary-Kate Olsen: Iykes! Why so haggard? Ashley looked WAY better.
+ Cami D: I actually think she looked great! And I LOVE the color choice.
+ Mischa Barton: Three words to live by: Pull. It. Up.
+ Cate Blanchett: Bride. Of. Frankenstein
+ Rene Zellweger & Marc Jacobs: Eat. A. Quarter. Pounder.
+ Salma Hayek: If boobs could kill...
+ Elizabeth Banks: It was just... okay, dawg. I like the risk, but all that satin PLUS flower detailing = When Bridesmaids Attack
+ Liv Tyler: Love the color (but is she looking a little weird lately? I hope she didn't go on one of those "Special" South American vacations.
+ Kate Bosworth: I've gotta hand it to her -- she looked amazing. I also gotta hand her a milkshake or something. Eat!!


JP said...

The pool ball rings are fantastic!

ambika said...

Dying for the Kandinsky one and the horse one. So rad.

Melissan said...

I like Kristen's outfit. She is making a weird face though.............Great Blog!

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