Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Marc Jacobs: Great Shoes, Questionable Tat

Um, so apparently Marc Jacobs has a "real" MySpace page and, far more disturbingly, he apparently also has a tattoo of an M&M. Like the cartoony ones in the commercials. WTF?

(Photo from his MySpace page)

Weird, right? Anyone got any insight into the ink? Oh well. I like these:

($189, Marc Jacobs,

And these:

($297, Marc Jacobs, Bloomingdale's)

And this... but...

($172, Marc Jacobs,
I like the detailing on this top, but, um, does it have deodorant marks on it??? Eeps! And are those sorta Mom jeans?

Also, I discovered this while looking through

($520, Alexander McQueen,
Um, a 3/4-length Alexander McQueen Italian leather jacket for $500??? Five hundred AMERICAN dollars (not pounds??) Wows. I could actually justify that. It's gorgeous. Any takers? Better yet, my birthday's in barely two months!


Anonymous said...

I don't know what's up with the tattoo but I used to have a pair of the same fleecy pink pants, which is kind of disturbing.

How are those mom jeans? If those are mom jeans than I'm screwed and should probably start shopping at Chico's right now.

Tamron Lohan said...

Nah, they just have a hint of Mom jeans to them, for some reason. "Notes" of mom jeans, if you will. Definitely not a full-bodied aroma, if you will, of Mom jeans. Just subtle traces.

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