Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sweet Sweet Virginia Johnson

I love love love love Virginia Johnson. She's a Canadian designer and illustrator (check out her online portfolio) and a total textile pro. Her designs -- usually set against an off-white background -- are bright and bold and absolutely never garish (not that I have anything wrong with that!), done in cool watercolors. Her all-over prints are usually big and youthful but don't make you look like a toddler. Yay! A few pieces I totes love...

($150, Virginia Johnson, Activeendeavors.com)
Love the watermelony effect created by this pairing.

($172, Virginia Johnson, Ronherman.com)
I'd totes adore this in orange too.

($140, Virginia Johnson, Nonchalantmom.com)
While I'd be REALLY apprehensive about shopping at any store with "Mom" in its name, I might have to get over it for this amazing camel wrap. Do you see enough camel prints out there? No. No you don't.

($265, Virginiajohnson.com)
Similarly, how many passion fruit prints do you see out there in the world? Not enough, in my book!

($45, Virginiajohnson.com)
You can also buy just straight-up fabric from her site. I love this "posy" design.

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