Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Party Prize Patrol, Part I

I think maybe you've heard about this party we're having Friday? At Angels and Kings, East Village, Manhattan, the world? Just in case, gaze upon our flyer once again. I'll wait.

Hi again! Well, we are really excited about it, and are gleefully putting together prize packages as we speak. (What multitaskers we are!) Here's a look at just a few of the ridiculous number of quality sponsors we have lined up, who have generously provided donations of their rad products to add to our little funtimes. Check back over the next few days as we show you what other goodies are in store....

Our love for Le Tigre's cute, modern sportswear is well documented. They've given us a lovely prize pack of two women's pieces and two men's pieces, so you'll be able to give the opposite gender's stuff to a friend, or a future sleeping partner you may meet at the party! I'm gonna save the actual merch we've got as a party surprise, but in the meantime, here are a few killer items currently for sale on their site:

Le Tigre floral polo, $58.

Le Tigre Peralta mini-stripe polo, $58.

Le Tigre lightning-bolt hoodie, $78.

Le Tigre McGill striped shirt, $58.

Le Tigre halter-neck maxi dress, $88.

Le Tigre St. Lucia striped butterfly tunic, $52.

Le Tigre Cozumel embroidered top, $68.

Le Tigre Capri polo dress, $58.

Okay, I lied. One of those items IS in the Le Tigre basket! Oh the suspense!

As a great lover of Threadless tees (and owner of at least three), I, Mary-Kate, was overjoyed when Threadless told us they would donate some stuff. Here's what the lucky winners will get: a supersoft (like you should really make pillows out of them) gray "I heart Threadless" t-shirt, and a $25 coupon to the Threadless store, which would cover a shirt AND shipping. I cannot think of a more wonderful prize, actually. Here are a few I would spend my dollars on.

Greetings From... tee, $17 for girls (sorry dudes, it's out of stock for you!); $40 for hoodie.

War and Peas tee, $17 for girls; $15 for guys; $40 for hoodie.

Living in Harmony tee, $17 for girls; $15 for guys, $40 for hoodie.

Hope tee, $17 for girls; $15 for guys.

Party Pieces tee, $17 for girls, $15 for guys. You know the drill.

Foxy tee, $17 for girls if it wasn't out of print; $15 for guys.

God, I could just go on and on. The cuteness just does NOT stop. Check out the catalog yourself for an edifying shopping experience.

Finally--for today, that is--are a couple of accessories, of which we have several to bestow on you. Ever find yourself wishing you didn't look like quite so much of a sheep with your white iPod earbuds? Wanna bling it out a bit? Or perhaps maybe your little sister wants to bling it out a bit? Observe:

You Go Girl iPod and cell-phone accessories, $14.99 to $19.99.

And after T.Lo admitted that she likes fake plastic bra alternatives, I'm sure you'll all be rushing the hosts for your raffle tickets in the hopes of scoring a set of PK Fashions' adhesive bra cups, which stick to clothing rather than skin. Who knows? Perhaps this is the strapless "bra" you've been searching for! Think outside the bra, people!

PK Fashions Fashion Stick Push-Up Cups, $19.99 retail.

Sorry ladies, Botox is not included!

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