Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Parles Courreges For Redoute???

Holy collaboration, Batlady!
I was totes amazed to see that Courreges, that supre-mod godfather of the miniskirt, is now designing for LA REDOUTE! WTF? While most of it is stuff that I couldn't see myself in, I am feeling this bag:

($129, Courreges,

($119, Courreges,

Speaking of LaRedoute, while I still stand by my argument that the US shop is nowhere near as good as its overseas siblings, I did find a few surprisingly cute items:



But then of course, there's still the reliably heinous stuff, like this:
($39, Rene Derhy,
Mmm! Yummy!

And this...

Anyway, so as much as I love that red Courreges bag, do I want it as much as these items? No.

($450 starting bid, Courreges, eBay)

($600 Buy It Now, Courreges, eBay)

I've also been sweating these sunglasses:

($49 starting bid, Courreges, eBay)


1 comment:

Alison said...

i like a few of those things, but most of it is just... ughhh

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