Thursday, June 07, 2007

Why Would You Pay... The Sunglasses Edition

Whether or not you choose to accept them, '80-style wayfarer glasses (AKA: Risky Business/ Top Gun glasses) are back in, as are aviators, for the seven billionth time, and big bug-eyed '60s glasses are still sorta in, at least as long as Nicole Richie continues to hide her sad anorexic eyes behind them. I don't mind any of these styles, as long as one knows which look best on one. I discovered the hard way -- seeing a horrific photo of me in huge bug-eye glasses on the fridge of my boyfriend's parents and nearly barfing of shame. Now I stick with aviators, specifically these.

Anyway, I suppose all of these styles are better than those horrid John Lennon glasses, though of course, those'll probably show up on some poor model's face on the runway this fall. Sigh.

So, why pay... $225 for these:

Or $239 for these:
(Karen Walker, Mycatwalk)

Or $200 for these:
(Missoni, Neiman Marcus)

When you could pay $18 for these:
Urban Outfitters

Or $4.80 for these:
Forever 21

Or $14 for these:

More cute glasses:
($14, Urban Outfitters)

($29, Amazon)

($14, Saints and Sailors, Hot Topic)

($8.99, Xhilaration, Target)

($15, eBay)


($32, eBay)
Ridiculous but fun.

($86, Paul Frank,
I know they're not cheap, but they're SOOOO cute. And I love the name: The Bass And The Movement. Check eBay for Paul Frank Mach 4, a similar design.

Finally, Fred Flare encourages you to party like it's 1985 in these appropriately named "80s glasses"


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