Friday, June 15, 2007

Slummin' at Saks

Saks is havin' a sale, whee! I decided to go cheapystyles (as per usual) and pick out the cutest stufff under $100. And away we go...

Marc by Marc Jacobs Pop Flower silk top, $98.65. So perfect with slim pants or shorts. I love the tiny peekaboo cutout at the chest. I love this. Only available in large. *Cries*

Adam + Eve seersucker camisole top, $59.96. Day to night, bitches!

BCBG Max Azria fluttery v-neck, $80.40. Your classically cute "going-out top."

Velvet peasanty top/tunic, $42.62. It's almost as if I am duty-bound to link to Velvet stuff, which seems overpriced but this is on sale, so. Sue me! Also, the back is cute.

Ahem. Velvet spaghetti-strap dress, $69.30. Looks awesome for small boobies.

Oh hell. I make no apologies for this, for it is absolutely the cuteness: Velvet ribbon-tie minidress, $47.29.

Miss Sixty corduroy shorts, $55.29. Love the big buckle and fun pockets. Not too sure about corduroy in warm weather, though.

Ella Moss Newport Tank minidress, $84. A teensy bit eh, but I like how the straps hang down in the back. "Unexpected," as they say. Which is one of those cliches of fashion writing, by the way, that always tickles me a little bit. As if, whilst biding their time waiting for the runway shows to start, writers were secretly predicting sleeve shapes and hemlines for clothes they hadn't even seen yet.

Rebecca Taylor lemon wedge shorts, $80.64. Sooooo cute. A little high-waisted, but whattayagonnado. Have a perfect body, hopefully!

And finally, a somewhat gratuitous Marc Jacobs item. Then again, if you like hoodies and you like Marc Jacobs, what's not to like? Marc Jacobs open-knit waffle hoodie, $78.64.


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