Sunday, June 17, 2007

TONS Of Stuff I Want

MMMmmmkay, peeps. I've been obsessively HORDING stuff (well, at least links and photos) for y'all, and then I end up with 14 trillion things to show y'all but no time to tackle everything. So, here's just ONE batch of my billionsah awesome items.


($198, J.Crew)
Now I almost never -- actually I can literally say that I DON'T EVER shop at J. Crew -- I find most of their stuff boring and too "White People" (even though I'm white, and pretty damn pale at that, as if to drive that point home), but this dress is fucking awesome. The T.Lo male counterpart and I both heart lobsters -- eating them but mainly in their anthropomorphic states. This dress is neither, but I especially am fond of anything printed with lobsters. Kosher or not, I'd wear this in a heartbeat.

($90, Charlotte Ronson,
I've come around and am now sorta okay with bubble dresses, especially when they're the color of bubble gum, like this one.

($198, B With G,
Totes out of season, but totes great. Very Mischa Barton when she's not dressed like a Busch Gardens ticket taker.


($195, development,
Perfect summer adorbsness.

($366, Viktor & Rolf,
So femme!

Simple in a sorta Laura Ingalls way, but perfect for those 150 degrees in the shade August days. (Worst.)

($39, Collective Clothing,
Fun colors, fun graphic print. Those look like blueberries = yay!

'Parently Mark (as in Avon's answer to the oughts) has clothing and accessories. And not bad ones at that. Who knew? (I guess I did.)


($92, Radcliffe Denim,
I'm sorry, but I am NOT yet ready to give into the sailor-jeans-up-to-my-neck trend. I hope I never will (check back in a month or so -- I'm not above fashion hypocrisy). These are gorgeous.

($75, Opening Ceremony,
Git yerself some Chloe Sevigny jeans for just $75 -- thought you gotta admit -- she's been looking A BIT less like a Bellevue escapee lately. Good for her. Though still, not good about sucking Vincent Gallo's dirty dick. Bad idea jeans right there.


($39, Chinese Laundry,
Perfect height right here. I love black, and the silver ones are even sorta cool in a Ziggy Stardust sorta way.

($29, Isaac Mizrachi, Target)
Very tempting. You can't take the Madonna out of the girl. At least not this girl, anyway.

($56, Zinc, Amazon)
I know they're cheezeball, but they're GIRAFFE!! WEEE! Giraffes are totes the new grey owls, y'all.

($98, Sam Edelman, Urban Outfitters)
Very cute, but not ultimately worth $100. By the time I finish typing this sentence, I'm sure at least 15 different knockoffs will have been created. Woo!

Oh wait...

I love America.

($25, Abate, Payless)
Per my yellow shoes post. These are great "in theory," but I don't "do" platforms nor "ankle straps." "O"-"kay"??

($29, Punk Rose,
I'm in the market for some black Vans or Vans-esque slides. These might be too skatery though.

($39, Rebels, Amazon)
Cute, but perhaps too young?

($14, Cherokee, Target)
Simple enough. These might haveta do.

($59, Rebels, Amazon)
Pink snakeskin is surprisingly cute!

"Unexpectedly" cute!

($19, Qupid, Amazon)
Love the knotted detail. And the price. Woo cheap summer shoes!

Sorta like the Pussycat Dolls -- so crappy that they're almost great.

($110, Sam Edelman, Urban Outfitters)
I've been admiring these for a while, but ...

Holla at some knockoffs!

At first I was hating on jellies, then I was indifferent, but these sorta converted me. Cute and comfy and cheap. And the grey is just innocuous enough. I'm sure I'll see some guy walking around Williamsburg in these soon enough though.


($645, Kooba,
Sigh. The ultimate grey shopper. Sigh.


($19, Target)
Totes cute.


(Apprx $9 USD,
These are so damn cute. You get four random designs you can switch in and out (hence the name). I love these:

Oh yeah -- get ready for a MAMMOTH jewelry post in the very very near future.


I'm not in the market for roller "boots" (tee! So cute) right now, but if I were, I'm glad I'd know where to find 'em.


A few of the monstrosities I found along the way...

($149, Charles David, Amazon)

($51, Rebel, Amazon)
Dude, seriously...

($64, Rebels, Amazon)
Seriously dude...

($58, Shellys London, Urban Outfitters)

This guy just really freaked me out for some reason.

($2045, Dietlind Preiss,

Mkay, bye.

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