Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Totes Tuesday Cuters

K. Lotsa fun cutes pix for Tuesday, in ascending order of affordability. Lotsa Betsey Johnson, for some reason.

($19.99, Mossimo, Target.com)
Cute, and not OVERLY Denise Huxtable-boho.

($40, Drifter, TheArtofShop.net)
The photo is piss poor, but the dress is sorta cool.

($48, Nice Face, FredFlare.com)
Beyond cute, and another good poly-seasonal piece!

($187, Betsey Johnson)
OMG! Yellow puffy clouds = 2 cute 4 wrds!

($189, Betsey Johnson, Overstock.com)
OMGOMGOMG. I HEART this bow dress.

($216, T Bags, Polkadotsandmoonbeams.com)
Love the Pucci-esque colors and the Deco-esque design!

($282, Voom, Polkadotsandmoonbeams.com)
Torn between thinking this is cute because it's not too-too ethnicy, and wondering if it looks too much like a cheap futon cover.

($296, Alice & Trixie, Polkadotsandmoonbeams.com)
Probs my faves of the Polkadotsandmoonbeams dresses. Love the colors and silky appppeeeealll! Weeee!

($330, Betsey Johnson, Zappos)
Es muy elegante, no?

($19, Hottopic.com)
This would be especially cute minus the studded belt and zebra hair.

($26, Drifter, TheArtofShop.net)
I'm not a HUGE graphic print fan (at least on Tees), but this is cute -- and cheap -- enough!

($32, Soundgirl, 80spurple.com)
The fact that the deer on this Soundgirl top are very tiny make the whole thing not too, well... dear.

($35, American Vintage, Theartofshop.net)
I'm a huge fan of this Paris brand, which I've found is hard to find in Los States. I like this top, though it sorta screams "Will bleed all over fucking everything in the wash" to me.

($40, Soundgirl, Amazon)
More cuteness from my beloved Soundgirl.

($115, Spring & Clifton, Azaleasnyc.com)
There hasn't yet been an instrument invented that could measure the amount of my love for this top.

($24, Loyal Army, FredFlare.com)
Cuter than a day-old lil kitten crawling out of an upended olde-fashioned milk jug! And I love that it says "All Skate" and "Couples Skate" on it! Tee!

($35, Betsey Johnson)
Also muy elegante.

($44, Betsey Johnson, Amazon)
Loves the leops.

($95, People's Liberation, Theartofshop.net)
I would very much like to own these and wear them with the Spring & Clifton shirt, which I would also very much like to own.

($395, Michael Kors)
Despite my general disdain for black patent AND for large silver hardware, I actually really like these for reasons I still can't quite pinpoint.

... And... scene.

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G.G. said...

Looove Betsey! Very feel-good post for me =)

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