Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Maybes

Hi peeps.

Here are all the things I'd maybe buy...

TOPS ($86, Yvette Mandell,
Very berry-licious!

($19.50, Fresh Karma,
More fruity fun! And the price! Oh the price! Check out what else is on super sale at Ron Herman. Sick, I tell you! SICK!

($132, Splendid,
This looks like the height of comfort. And I like that, comfort.

($49, Volcom,
Plain ol' plaid adorbsness!!

($44, Puella,
Light n' lovely!

In lotsa other cute, bold colors too!

Fun fer the beach or just cold chillaxin'.

Cute, but maybe not as much as some of the white aviators I've been seeing/ wanting.

Two tools in love! What could be cuter??

($58, Urban Outfitters)
Why do they insist upon sucking me back in?

($300, Diesel,
Just as it never should have come to pass that Toni Braxton named her children Denim and Diezel, this get-up also never should have come to fruition. Has anyone else been feeling of late that Diesel should just bow out gracefully? Perhaps there was never a better example of why.


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