Friday, July 06, 2007

Dress Obsessed + Then Some!

I'm hording dresses like your grandma hordes Christmas half-broken ornaments from the '70s.
Here they are, in reverse order of affordability, plus some other stuff below the dress jump-off.

($497, Anna Sui, Net-a-Porter)
It's a wee bit Heidi Of The Mountains, but it's also gorgeous.

($386, Temperley London, Saks Fifth Avenue)
I fear I already posted this, but if so, it merits a revisiting. Sooo perfect.

($357, Dahl, Shopbop)
A-dahl-able. Har.

($345, Diane von Furstenberg,
Love the little-girl-ishness.

($312, Harkham,
So effing sexy and slimming. (You know. Because this chick's a real whale.)

($299, Lauren Moffat,
Wish there were a better photo of this. Anyway, it'd look gorge with some dark tights in coooolah weather.

($275, Tocca)
Totes pretty. Love the classy turquoise and brown.

($268,. BCBG, Macy's)
Really purdy, but I'm not sure it's worth the price. Also, recently I made an online purchase of dress with ruched sleeves and it ended up making ye olde chest look even bigger. Bew. So I guess the whole point is, I have no clue why I picked this.

($266, What Comes Around Goes Around,
This is half ridiculously costumey, half super comfy looking. Too bad it only comes in "Nicole Richie."

($220, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent,
When I look back at photos of me as a toddler, whenever I was sitting on my parents' bed or something, the sheets always looked sorta like this. Despite that, I still love this pillowcase-looking frock.

($191, Lauren Moffatt, Shopbop)
See above.

($184, Tibi, Net-a-Porter)
Possibly one of my faves. I love the Marimekko-like print.

(Apprx $90 USD,
So fun. I'd love to see this in grass green. Love the '80s snaps.

($78, Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati, Dillards)
Very cute, but that girl's eye is sorta freaking me out a bit.

($78, Trovata, Activeendeavors)
I may've posted this before too, but I bet it's cheaper than it was before! Again, loves the Virginia Johnson-esque pwint.

Another cute bi-seasonal piece.

Okay. Here's some random shit, starting with a... MORTS
($226, Trovata,
A true don't-you-dare denim nightmare.

($895, Temperley London, eBay)
A gorgeous work of art that's almost exactly the same price as my rent!

($365, Tracy Reese,
Also artful.

(Top $76; Bottom, $80, Juicy Couture, Bloomingdale's)
Lovely bikini!

($16.90, Abas, Nordstrom)
I really like this in white.

Finally, is going outta bidnez. Sucky for them, best for you, because the whole damn joint's on sale. Here's what I boughted:
($30, Joe's Jeans)
Oh shit! Joe's Jeans for $30! In charcoal, no less!!

($13, Paul Frank)
Green and black = underutilized combo.

($9, Fresh Karma)
Now go forth and spend!


gilda said...

i just had to say that i have that heidi-anna sui dress and i love it to death!

ambika said...

Aw, I love the pillow case dress too. It's strangely appealing.

And that girl's eye is *totally* freaky. Argh, matey.

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