Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Hold Steady Takes My Advice

A while back, I took one of my favorite bands, the Hold Steady, to task for their distinct lack of girl-sized merchandise. They've made comments in the past regarding the male to female ration of audience members at their shows, which I guess accounted for the sartorial gender gap. Boo that, I said. Well now, it seems, they've realized that girls look cuter in band t-shirts, because lookie!

Yep, that's the Hoodrat hoodie (love it) in girl size! Yay! $35.

And also, I think this is my favorite Hold Steady shirt ever, and I own two. (Unfortunately since the move to Vagrant the merch has taken on a very emo cast, as opposed to the DIY aesthetic of yore, which even further likened them to beer-loving indie-rock brethren Guided By Voices.) Hold Steady Helvetica unisex t-shirt, $18. But only available in 2x small? What? Double extra small?? I've never even heard of that! Like American Apparel sizes aren't horbsly small already.

Finally, I wished I liked this tote bag. Killer Parties Almost Killed Me tote, $20. Eh.

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