Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Most Amazing Jewels Post, Part Deux, PLUS: Accessories + My Ongoing Love Affair With Doucette Duvall

Okay. Here's the second part of a two-part epic jewelry post, and this is the more mature companion of the duo, if I do say so.

I've been hanging onto the following links for months now, then I got busy, then I ate, then I fell asleep, repeat... suddenly... I see that effing DIOR is like peeking into my bookmarks or something because WHAT should pop up in their 2007 Fall runway show in Paris but dark, daring and dramatically oversized gems, like the ones seen above.

Fabsugar, from whence that image was copped, did a piece on getting that look for less... as in like 1/3600th less.

Here, finally, are my aforementioned picks.

($125, Kenneth Jay Lane,
We both picked these. Yay. I'm a geniyouse.

Pretty pretty for a pretty princess.

Also very pretty princess! You really can't go wrong with green jewels...if they are just $30.

Elegant and understated.

Decadent! Would go perfectly with this Dior gown from the Fall 2007 show...

... You know... if you simply MUST be all matchy-matchy.

This .... this I would give an ovary for. God knows... I'd gladly give an ove... until either or both opportunities arise... I'd settle for this...


Or these... Very holiday chic!

Or this...
($75, Kenneth Jay Lane,

Okay... some slightly less flashy pieces...
Nice. Easy. The way things should be!

Love these. Are they for old ladies? I guess I don't care! They're so bright and fun!

This is seriously old-ladyish, and I love it because it reminds of this beautiful mini perfume bottle I have that was either my mom's or grandma's -- I think it's probably Avon or something (no big whoop) -- but it has a plastic pink rose stopper that looks just like that. I love it. (-- Note: anyone know WTF the perfume is? The label is long gone, and a Google search has been fruitless. Morts.)

($275, Miu Miu,
So, speaking of jewels, AND per my ongoing quest to find the perf jeweled flats... these are gorgeous. I may've already posted these, just like I realized I've already posted those two pink/ coral rings. Oh well.

($334, Anna Sui,
Speaking of Net-a-porter... this top is perfection.

So, speaking of ongoing quests, this vintage Courreges dress is up! for! auction on eBay:
(Currently $99, Courreges, eBay)
Reminds me of those creepy variety shows they used to do all the time in the '70s, where people like Karen Carpenter would come out and sing under a spotlight and then there'd be the inevitable camera trick where they match the soft focus with one single sparkle that was fabricated but they'd make it look like it came from the performer's gown or jewelry, and then they'd fade the whole thing into an unintelligible sparkle-blur effect, know what I mean? Also, whoever shot these images did a good job of capturing that creepy latently homosexual, sexually charged, coke-addled je ne sais quoi of that era. Kudos!

(Currently $49, Courreges, eBay)
More Courreges glasses. I regret not bidding on an earlier pair I posted about. They looked like these:
($49, Courreges, eBay)

($79, Helena Rubinstein, eBay)
These are also rad...

And these are super fun.

Okay... so last week I stole away to the now-defunct (wah!) Find Outlet going-outta-biz sale (wah again!). There, quietly, patiently waiting for me to discover it between the Lauren Moffatt tops and Doucette Duvall dresses was this Doucette Duvall dress:
This photo doesn't really do justice to the hilarious and awesome detail of the print, which is an old Nicole Miller silk print, and it's got wedding images all over, including a pricey bridal gown, a smiling chef, a Torah (holla!), guest list, boobie lady (the stripper, I suppose -- every good wedding's got one!) and more great images of matrimony as we know it. It was the only one in the entire joint, and it FIT me like a fucking GLOVE. I ran to the ATM and walked away with the dress for $79. I almost felt guilty -- as much as I LOOOOOVE me a good deal, I felt bad that a.) Find Outlet is no more and b.) that I was taking advantage of their misfortune for my own fashion gain (woo!) and b.5) that my long-awaited Doucette acquisition was at the expense of point b. and c.) I sorta feel obligated to pay full-price for the hard work of an indie designer. Oh well. I love this dress so much I can barely contain my joy. I couldn't find it anywhere online, so I emailed with Meredith at Doucette (hey girl!), and she informed that, per my GENIUS fashion assumption: it IS in fact an old Nicole Miller print, and it's their "Dottie" style. And it's MINE ALL MINE! I can only hope my legs look as lovely in the dress -- or at least as tan. :/

Now go buy a Doucette dress and um... pay full price...

($195, Doucette Duvall,

($178, Doucette Duvall,

($189, Doucette Duvall,


Anonymous said...

hey! i'm going to cali this weekend and won't be back until september...

ambika said...

Heading to emitations & palm beach now. Why oh why must you turn me on to rad jewelry?

Anonymous said...

Really loving the vinatge sunglasses!

Anonymous said...

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