Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Biggest Jewelry Post In The Whole Universe

Okay. You truly have no idea how long I've been hording jewelry links. My drafts folder has become the virtual version of a jewelry box whose contents are confused, tangled yet deeply beloved.

Here goes.

For a while now, Disney (yes, THAT Disney) has been making some extremely cute jewelry as part of their "Couture" line. Usually Disney makes me absolutely cringe, what with their oversized Pooh shirts just waiting to be worn to amusement parks and stained with Hi-C, but their jewelry line, almost all of which resembles Tarina Tarantino and consists of Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan and Bambi pieces, is so cute that I can find it in my blackened heart to break my snobby stance against anything pertaining to Orlando for this unusual Disney deviation.

My obsession began when I noted this on a friend's hand:
($50, Disney Couture,
I totally flipped for its insane adorableness. (Those wee teeth! Such attention to detail with the teeth!) She'd gotten it at Lost Shoe on Ludlow. And thus began my complete obsession with almost all of the Disney Couture jewelry line.

($50, Disney Couture,
Available in blue too, though it's on back order. And has the necklace version for $40.

($35, Disney Couture, Fred Flare)
This is my second fave piece. It's also available here for $29.

($40, Disney Couture,
Also adorbs.

($12.95, Disney Couture,
Cute n' cheap!

($65, Disney Couture,
Ridiculously cute. Not as cute as this vintage piece...

... But it's sold out, so, call the Waambulance.

($23, Little Ghost Designs,
Not Disney, but very cute. I heart Lucite ($38, Disney Couture,

($75, Disney Couture,
Fun too.

($13.50, Bambi Couture,

($50, Disney Couture,
Cute, but your $50 is much better spent on the skull ring. Plus, you could just get this...

($6, Zad,
You know... for just $6. As I did.

Okay, now onto the non-Disney yet still kitschy stuff:
($25.50, Rebecca Berry,
Also cute.

Almost everything that Netherlands-based designer Ilona makes are overflowing with cuteness!


($170, Tarina Tarantino Alice In Wonderland Collection,
I love its freaked-out little face.

($85, Betsey Johnson,
Loves, but I could totes make this, so really, I just wish I had the charms to make my own stuff.

($34, Tokidoki, eBay)
OMG. A little pink latte guy! With legs and horns!

($11.95, Paul Frank,
Its name is Shaquana. Tee!

($45, Kenneth Jay Lane,
I've been wanting this for months. Hmm. Might have to get my Paypal finger ready... Now for more food-related pieces:

($17, NOT Dior,
They're so fake it's amazing.

($10.75, eBay)
Vintage eggplants!!! They're clip-on, but who cares when they're this rad? Speaking of vintage and rad...

Mmmm. Bakelite.

Not sure if they're vintage but they look like it. Also, sucks for you if you're not a Virgo, Sag, Taurus or Aquarius.

($274, Sabrian Dehoff,
Again, I HART Lucite!

Now, I personally do not need an Abe Lincoln bracelet, but I'm glad it exists for those out there who do.

Okee. There's more stuff coming, but I must get outside while there are still hours of sunlight out and celebrate the French Revolution. Viva la kitsch!


L. said...

Ahhhh! All of that jewellry is so awesome. Personal favourites: the Tokidoki pink latte guy and that bakelite swan. Bakelite is delicious, in a non-food related way.

gilda said...

oh i'm lusting over all the disney stuff!!

robby 1 said...

Quick question about those shades where did you find those ? i found a site that has similar pairs but there way cheaper just wanted too know if the same people make them ?

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