Monday, July 09, 2007

So Many Sales, So Little Time

Okay, so not all of this stuff is on sale. Some of it is just plain ol' cheap to begin with. Such as Old Navy. Most of the time it is crap, but then every so often you walk out of there feelin' fine. To wit:

Old Navy silky trapeze cami, $19.50. Love this print.

Wear it with these, maybe: Old Navy mini-wedge flip-flops, $16.99. Supercute.

Old Navy square-neck top, $19.50. I saw a girl wearing this today in black with a pencil skirt and she looked really cutely professional.

Fresh Karma "Poke Dot" top, $76. See how fun square necks are?

Brooklyn Industries is also having a huge sale. Shirtdresses aren't for everyone, but I do love this Commuter dress in purple, $59. It also comes in gray.

For when the weather turns cooler (oh, to dream): BK Industries "Classic Eggplant" track jacket, $20.

But in the meantime, it's swamp-ass. For the days you're not dressing up shorts and don't feel like shaving your legs, it's pants. I've been looking for some lightweight pants (is it really possible I have no pants other than jeans?) suitable for work. Not sure these are them, but they certainly look the part: BK Industries "Ozen" wide-legged trousers, $39.

What would a post from me be without a neutral-colored sandal? Timberland Larkspur sandals, $39.99.

I don't know about you, but I just can't get enough floaty dresses. Gap tie-top babydoll dress, $24.99, in limited sizes (boo).

And by now we also know I'm a sucker for a tote bag. American Eagle color-block canvas tote, $14.95.

Also, I am still looking for fun, slightly dressier flip-flops. What about these? American Eagle linked slides, $14.95. I love the gold ("pewter," technically), though I am looking for a pair in brown, which they also have.

Finally, a couple of cheap bags, one (or both! what the hey!) of which I may purchase to carry as my "evening" bag for my cheap American beach vacation next month....

Merona Flap handbag, $7.49, on clearance.

Isaac Mizrahi for Target midsize flap bag in grainy navy, $8.49.

Finally, a truly cringeworthy look: Belts worn way above the natural waist. Thankfully I don't see people doing this very often, and I don't think I have EVER seen this weirdness:

What the??? Don't try that at home, kids!


Tamron Lohan said...

OMG! ESPECially with the V neck!!!! this might be borderline (though barely) acceptable if it were, say, a big cowl neck. but UGH. THE HORROR! AVERT YOUR EYES! dkfdsajfdklsajfd;slafjdljfkdlsk;

Martha said...

Hey do you know how the Brooklyn Industries clothes fit? I really like that website. Those pants would be good for work.

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