Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bathing Beauties

I was recently informed by a St.-Tropez vacationer that French ladies change their bathing suits multiple times per day. What? Yes! Apparently, in this fashion-conscious locale, one a day is not enough. At one point, this American sunbather observed a woman get up, for no discernible reason, walk off the beach (or into her cabana, maybe), and return in an entirely different outfit. If it were me, I'd assume she soiled her drawers in some way (perhaps taking Alli?), but over there I guess it's just considered the cool thing to do. I have a beach vacation coming up (uh, not in the South of France), and although I already have at least four perfectly good bathing suits, I guess that's just not sufficient. If I'm there for a week, and need three suits a day, that's 21 different combos, folks! Time to go shoppin'!

Xhilaration polka-dot bikini, $30 total. So classically cute, it's immortalized in song: She worn an itsy-bitsy...

Mossimo toile halter top and skirted bottoms, $17.99 each. Love.

Xhilaration tye-dye halter bikini, $14.99 each piece, though unfortunately, tops not available online. And I'm not going to the topless beaches of Saint-Tropez! Boo! I would have bought this, too. So funky and fun. Love the magenta-brown combo. Though I think it needs to be tied a little tighter around her neck.

American Apparel criss-cross bikini top, $25 and so cute.

I'd wear it with the swim bikini bottoms, $28, which is a little more bum-covering than the above pic. I'd do as this model is showing and wear 'em mismatched (don't get the matching one with the piping, is what I'm saying). I'm making myself want to visit the AA store...must...resist...

Maia Hawaii halter top and hot pants, $33 each. Sporty, fun, easy.

Roxy "Summer Stripe" halter top, $42, and bottoms, $40.

A more sophisticated looking stripey number: Shoshanna striped ring bikini top, $75, and briefs, $66.

Holeeee shite, readers. Hang onto your hats! Diane Von Furstenberg's bikinis are soooo cute....

Diane Von Furstenberg "Apple" top and bottoms, $80 each.

DVF "Bees" top and bottoms, $80 each.

If you absolutely had to wear a sequined bathing suit, this is the one: Vix Swimwear "Gidget" halter top, $92, and bottoms, $72.

Speaking of Gidget, how retro cute is this one? Calvin Klein "Perfectly Fit" push-up bikini top, $82, and belted skirted bottoms, $60. I'm not a huge fan of bikini skirts, but at least you don't have to wear any additional bottoms on your way to the beach.

OP mixed-print bikini, $60. This is the picture of the Delia's girl. Compare and contrast with the Vicky's Secret girl:

Hello, boobies! Hee...

OP's all growed up, it seems. OP batik banded bikini, on sale for $64. Love this print!

I saw a bunch of animal-print stuff in my search, but I still couldn't bring myself to blog any of them. But giraffe? Giraffes are all right in my book, so here ya go: Victoria's Secret giraffe-print bikini, $56.

Navy is my new favorite color, and so I am seriously considering this awesome-looking Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy bikini with beaded belt, on clearance for $19.99. And you can wear the top two ways!

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy banded halter bikini, 18 clams on clearance.

Oh shit, I want this too: Lucky Brand peace sign bikini, $42.

I better stop before I break the bank. And that's only...17 suits! Oh well, guess I'll just have to settle for not being French and ridiculous. Bye!

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