Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is Jeffrey Campbell The New Irregular Choice?

Jeffrey Campbell and Irregular Choice are similar in that when it comes to their shoes, I either LOVE 'em and would wear them in a second because they're fun and loud (just like me!), or they're so appalling that I think that they were designed while someone was tripping balls on a combo of meth, acid and horse tranqs.

Here are a few loves and not-so-loves:
($98, Jeffrey Campbell, Urban Outfitters)
For those rare instances when you wanna keep your ankles warm and toasty but let your toes chill. dlakfjdl;kafjl;dsafj!!!!

($89, Jeffrey Campbell,
Ugh. Not even if I were freezing to death in the Alps.

($94, Jeffrey Campbell, Amazon)
Lord have mercy. While I do love jeweled shoes, I certainly don't love them unconditionally. The little chunky heel just kills me.

($125, Jeffrey Campbell, Zappos)
I'm sorta on the fence about these, but I sorta also like 'em, especially in black. (Though the tan iteration is way too cowgirl.)

($142, Jeffrey Campbell, Zappos)
I'm a little more into these.

($59, Jeffrey Campbell, Zappos)
Oy. Just... oy.

($139, Jeffrey Campbell, Zappos)
... And I'm okay with these, basically. Though I don't know about that patent leather detailing.

($74, Jeffrey Campbell, Zappos)
Yay! Fun fun fun jeweled flats!

($59, Jeffrey Campbell,
Wuv in every color. Flats are deffo what Jeffrey Campbell does best.

($39, Jeffrey Campbell,
These are sorta fun in an old-school grandma way.

($84, Jeffrey Campbell, Shoes)
These are by far my favorite. They'd look so hot with an all-black nighty-night time outfit.

($75, Jeffrey Campbell, Kitson)
Whereas these would look good with absolutely nothing...

($95, Jeffrey Campbell, Kitson)
Very D&G/ Fendi, no?

($71, The Sisters Campbell,
Okay, so I FINALLY solved my own little mystery about who the eff The Sisters Campbell (not to be confused with the Jackson Twins) are/is. Per an interview on Fred Flare's blog (thanks guys!), it's Jeffrey Campbell's junior line, and it's named for his daughters. Cute! Now if only JC would get on that pesky little "I don't have a Website" issue! (There's only this Myspace page) DUDE! It's 2002!


Mellow Girl said...

Jeffrey Campbhell flats are to die for. Urban Outfitters had featured some flats of Jeffrey Campbhell and they sold out so fast when they went on sale :(

ambika said...

That striped wedge is so fug. And I always thought I'd love anything nautical. I guess you showed me.

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